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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review – Happily Even After by Lena Matthews

Title: Happily Even After

Author: Lena Matthews

Publisher: Loose Id, LLC

Buy Link: Buy Happily Even After Here!

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Mickey


Two kids and a divorce later, Creigh De Luca figures she's pretty much done with diapers and late night feedings. That is until a little blue stripe turns her world upside down. Never in a billion years would Creigh have thought she'd become pregnant from a one-night stand, nor could she have ever guessed the unforeseen pregnancy would warrant unexpected help…from her ex-husband, Dean.

Divorce papers haven't changed a thing for Dean. He's still as in love with his ex-wife as he'd always been. Despite the fact he's not the father of her unborn child, Dean is determined to help Creigh during her pregnancy she wants him to or not.

Creigh has never stopped loving Dean, but she's not going to let him back in to her life just because she's expecting a child, especially since she is determined to keep the father's identity from Dean. But Dean refuses to be dismissed so easily. He knows that with a little patience, forgiveness, and love they can still live happily even after.


I am not quite sure what aspects of Happily Even After appealed to me the most, there are so many pieces of the puzzle that make it a fascinating novel. Let's just say it is a charming romance that tugs at the heart strings and hits all the right buttons, while managing to be an extremely sensual story. If you are looking for a light-hearted book however, this is not the one to choose. While it does have some humorous moments, Ms. Matthews was definitely aiming for a character driven tale when she wrote this book as opposed to one focused solely on action. I loved the family dynamics of the story and the extra attention Ms. Matthews devoted to explaining how Creigh and Dean's past dictated their present actions. She does an exceptional job of establishing motives for her characters and preparing us for their future choices.

Fortunately, while we are involved with the characters' lives this attachment does not prevent or impede an emotional connection to their individual stories. I wish I could point to one element as the defining factor that makes Happily Even After so exceptional, but this novel is really the sum of its parts. One of the most wonderful aspects of the novel is that Creigh and Dean actually have real conversations however, not always happy ones, so we get to experience Ms. Matthews' gift for dialogue. In addition, the love scenes are tender and poignant, yet still incredibly carnal and lush. This is a well-written and entertaining novel, one definitely deserving a Gotta Read rating.

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