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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review – Killer Commute by Michael Gordon

Title : Killer Commute

Author: Michael Gordon

Publisher: Champagne Books

Buy Link: Buy Killer Commute Here!

Reviewed By : Shawn Weisser

Rating : You Want to Read

Blurb :

Mick Doran is a former city police detective, now working with the Metropolitan Transit Authority. Down on his luck, and hypochondriacal as hell, he's assumed to be washed up, no good and useless as a detective until fate drops a murder investigation on his train.

Assigned to work alongside his ex-wife's detective husband, Mick must battle his own demons as well as the disapproval of the Suffolk County Police Department while they wade through evidence, hostile witnesses and an increasing suspect list.

Review :

I really liked Michael Gordon's murder mystery. The main character, Mick Doran, was completely unlikable at first. He came across as a whiney hypochondriac in the beginning thinking he has some fatal illness or ptomaine poisoning from eating Chinese food. It bordered on the on absurd until his obsession with his ex-wife's husband over-shadowed the constant desire for something else to explain how horrible he constantly feels. Once you get past the dislike of the main characters in the beginning the story begins to twist around the ineffectiveness of the mental health system and the inability to rehabilitate the psychotic killer running rampantly along the train system. The story also touches upon the corruptness of a metropolitan justice system. Personal hatred causes Mick no end of grief as he catches the bad guy. The only bad thing I have to say is the ending felt truncated. The end happened too quickly

1 comment:

  1. Thank you very much for the review. I can see how Mick would come across as whiny, there's a lot of New Yorkers that fall into this category. I wanted to develop Mick as the novel progressed. The relationship between his ex-wife’s husband and their partnership is integral to the story, and I feel you overlooked this in your review. I can see how the ending may have happened too quickly. It also tells me you enjoyed the book. Thank you again!



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