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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Review - Little Feelings by Judy Spain Barton

Title: Little Feelings

Author: Judy Spain Barton

Publisher: Prometheus Books

Buy Link: Buy Little Feelings Here

Rating: You Need To Read

Reviewed by: Val


Designed to be read by children on their own or with an adult, LITTLE FEELINGS provides a non-threatening means to address the importance of emotion in a child's voyage of self-discovery. Inviting and often quite funny, LITTLE FEELINGS covers a broad range of emotions. Its family-oriented verse and supportive illustrations will delight young and old alike.


Emotions are a scary thing when you are a young child and it's very difficult for them to show the emotions they're feeling. Geared toward the 3 to 8 age levels, Little Feelings is a book that both children and adults can relate to. The illustrations throughout this book are just adorable. With each poem, there is an illustration so that not only can the child learn about the emotion, they can see it as well. Putting a picture to the message helps in making the concept of what's being read understandable for children of all ages.

Happy, mad, love, scared, sad, and anger are just some of the emotions that are discussed in this book. The part I love is the next section which deals with deeper emotions such as blame, jealousy, being curious, not feeling loved, feeling anxious and independence, just to name a few. I really wish I would have had this book when my little ones were growing up, it discusses so many topics that I had a difficult time trying to get my daughters to understand at the time.

Judy Spain Barton writes with understanding and knowledge while presenting the emotions on a child's level. Little Feelings is a great developmental tool to use with your child. I already have a list of parents who will be getting a copy of this book. Little Feelings will speak directly to your child in a loving and amusing way.

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