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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review – Moonset by Louise Cooper

Title: Moonset

Author: Louise Cooper

Publisher: Mundania Press

Buy Link: Buy Moonset Here!

Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed By: Janelle


"I stand before you in this place, and I walk towards you on this way. The way is old but the way is long, and the way is the way of power. Hear me - hear me, and let the seal be broken!"

The words of an ancient ritual, summoning a devastating power which could destroy the Chaos Gate itself. If First Magus Vordegh's insanity was to be stopped, the heretics knew that they must gain control of that power.

This was the final gamble, and the odds against them were monstrous. But the rebels had a new ally in the heart of Chaos's own stronghold. One man, driven by one goad - the craving for revenge. And for revenge's sake, he was ready to unleash an apocalypse that even the gods could not withstand…


This is the third book in a trilogy I have not read, and I think that is its greatest weakness. As a reader I am coming into the third act without knowing who the characters are or why I should care about their problems.

That said, as I have stated before, an author cannot assume that book one is the first taste a reader will have of their series. Characters and issues need to be reintroduced, if for no other reason then to remind a reader who may have slept since the last installment what is going on.

The writing itself is solid if overwrought in some places, with only a few odd phrases; Such as when one of the characters blinks like a snake. Snakes have no eyelids, they don't blink.

The characters are well written, but there is a lot of head bouncing. I'm not sure who the main character is and frankly they are all kind of unlikable.

Overall, I find it hard to care. But, I believe that, if I had read the previous installments, I may feel differently.

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