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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Review: A Mystery/Suspense Collection Anthology: Sweet by Various Authors

Title: A Mystery/Suspense Collection Anthology: Sweet

Author: Miss Mae, Gerald Costlow, Cheryl Pierson and Anne Patrick

Publisher: Victory Tales Press

Buy Link: Buy A Mystery/Suspense Collection: Sweet here

Reviewer: Val

Rating: You Gotta Read


Miss Penelope's Letters by Miss Mae

The letters arrive unsigned. The writer demands that Penelope meet him in one of London’s most ill-reputed and darkest streets. When she dares to keep the assignations, she encounters a man in a black mask who leaves her breathless from his stolen kiss. Yet he claims the reason for their surreptitious tryst is an honorable one. Can he be trusted?


Wow, Miss Penelope's Letters started with action within the first sentence and I was hooked from that moment on. Transported to a different day and time, I thoroughly enjoyed Miss Penelope's Letters. I can't give away the story but I can tell you that there are good guys, bad guys, physical fighting and swords. Who doesn't love a good sword fight? There is also a very sweet romance that you don't want to miss. I would like to suggest to Miss Mae that Penelope have another adventure and be given her own full length novel. The masked man and Penelope are two characters that I have fallen in love with and would love to read more about.


A Distant Call by Gerald Costlow

The Appalachian Mountains hold mysteries galore for the unwary and the full moon increases the danger as Jessie Corman is bound to find out. Anna May Sherritt and her granny know all about the call and how folks often disappear. Can they save Jessie and solve the disappearances?


I had to laugh when granny said at Anna Mae's age she ran away to join the circus. A fun little read, A Distant Call will put a smile on your face. A very unusual story that pairs a preacher with a woman who has a paranormal gift, this is a story will keep you entertained until the the very end and what a amusing ending it was.


The Last of Her Kind by Cheryl Pierson

An old Victrola is the cherished possession of Cassie's grandmother. Her father also seems oddly attached to the antique phonograph, but her new stepmother detests it. Then Cassie discovers a secret, a wonderful, yet frightening, secret. Will it save her family or destroy it?


In the very beginning the reader is shown just how detestable the stepmother really is. I took an instant disliking to her. As the story progressed, the reader is drawn into the close bond that Cassie and her grandmother share. Through this strong bond, we learn a secret that is a fun twist in the story. I felt myself needing to read the story as fast as I could to learn more about Cassie's family. I loved the ending and a part of me wishes something like that could happen in real life.


Dangerous Deception by Anne Patrick

Gwen Jacobs thrived on dangerous assignments, until the massacre of an African village. She is offered a chance at redemption by accompanying Jack Peterson and his small group of humanitarians to report on the atrocities taking place amidst a civil war. When her secrets are revealed, will she lose the only man she’s ever really loved?


Dangerous Deception was an action packed read that had my mind reeling as to what could possibly happen next. This is a must read story to gain some understanding of what it is like to live in a war torn country. The images of the children in the orphanage touched my heart. I cannot give away any more of this book but trust me when I say that you need to read this fast paced story, it will leave you breathless.

Overall review:

Usually I can pick a favorite story or two out of an anthology but with this particular collection, that is not possible. Each story was drastically different than the one before it. In addition, each story is tightly woven with a strong reliance on faith which made me smile and kept me wishing for more. It's so difficult to review short stories and try to review them without giving away anything. I wish I could have gotten into more of the plots with each story but you simply must read these stories for yourself. Miss Mae, Gerald Costlow, Cheryl Pierson and Anne Patrick make one heck of a team when including all their stories into one book. Each story is short enough to be read on a lunch break and each story is written in an entirely different manner. This book was a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend A Suspense/Mystery Collection Anthology: Sweet to anyone who loves to read an intriguing mystery romance.


  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful review, and hats off to my fellow mystery/suspense authors!

  2. Val, Thank you so much for this review of A Mystery/Suspense Collection.
    It was so much fun putting this anthology together and the stories kept distracting us from the editing and formatting as we re-read them and became lost in the plots all over again. These authors are definitely talented and have done a first-rate job with each of their stories.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful review, Val. Congrats to my fellow authors on this project, and thank you Rebecca for asking me to be a part of it. It was an honor to be included in this anthology.

  4. I have to add my voice to the chorus of thanks for the review. I loved my fellow author's unique take on a mystery/suspense story.

  5. Rebecca and crew--I am extremely impressed! Congratulations, Mystery writers all, on the "You Gotta Read" review. Outstanding! Celia

  6. Val, thanks so much for this great review! I just got home from working all day moving boxes and cleaning out my sister's storage unit, so this really was a wonderful day-brightener! Thanks also to Rebecca for asking me to contribute, and to my fellow authors!

  7. Congratulations, Miss Mae, Gerald, Cheryl, and Anne. This is a wonderful review! Can't wait to read this one.

    And the cover? Wow-wow-wow! It says it all.


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