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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review – Shadows by A.W. Lambert

Title: Shadows

Author: A.W. Lambert

Publisher: Rogue Phoenix Press

Buy Link: Buy Shadows Here!

Reviewed By: Shawn Weisser

Rating: You Could Read


SAS sergeant, Craig Mitchell, is coerced into joining the most covert of groups operating on behalf of the UK government. Their mandate: to eliminate by whatever means those who pose the most violent threats to the country before they have the opportunity to strike at the British government and its people. The group's members, the most experienced and highly trained combatants operate as lone strike forces, each a rogue shadow in a dark threatening world, each blatantly authorised to straddle the legal line. Mitchell's first mission is to rescue an abducted government minister and deal with the perpetrators. But he is unaware that should any attempt be made to rescue the minister a bomb would be detonated in a highly populated area of the UK.


I absolutely love the British spy genre. I have loved Ian Fleming for decades and even enjoy the Masterpiece Theater series' but I have to say I did not enjoy reading Shadows at all. I received this title six months ago and I have forced myself to read it.

I read the first chapter four times and put it down three times. On the fourth try I actually got through the first couple of chapters but it took me forever. The mark of a good story is the ability to hold my attention through the first couple of chapters so I want to finish the story. Shadows did not hold my attention and any distraction was enough for me to put it down and read something else, which is why it has taken me so long to get through. There were moments I held out hope for the book as my interest was piqued but then the storyline changed and I became disinterested. The characters were not memorable and the scenes were choppy to me.

I gave this a rating of average to slightly average because I was able to continue reading and I believe others may find the style of writing used by the author, A. W. Lambert, more interesting than I did.

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