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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Review: Valentines Heart by Cindy Spencer Pape

Title: Valentine's Heart

Author: Cindy Spencer Pape

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Buy Link: Buy Valentines Heart here

Reviewer: Val

Rating: You Want/Need to Read


Valentine Holiday loves being single. As the youngest member of the Holiday family, he’s in no hurry for the family magic to catch up with him and find him the love of his life. Right before Valentine’s Day, he begins getting emails from a dating site he never signed up for. He’s sure it’s just a hoax—until he meets Corazon Lopez.

Cora doesn’t have time for romance. The busy social worker is sure her friend must have signed her up when emails start arriving about her “perfect match”. Then she meets Val Holiday in person and all bets are off. Between forced vacation time and a free trip to a tropical resort, the fates seem determined to throw them together—along with a private suite and plenty of sex toys.

Val and Cora realize they’re in for the sexual frolic of their lives. They’re not so sure about falling in love, but the Holiday magic may have other ideas.


The characters in this book were fun and together, were very hot and sexy. Val makes clear that he has no intentions for a relationship of any kind so it's obvious that he would suspect his siblings of setting him up with a matchmaking site. Meanwhile, Cora suspects her roommate of interfering as she never signed up with any matchmaking site. Cora's character was a little unsure of herself and needed to loosen up. She definitely gets to do this with Valentine Heart, Mr. Hottie himself. When Cora and Val first meet, sparks fly and each knows they can't call this thing off just yet. I loved the part when both of them start reconsidering their decision to politely call off the "would be" romance.

I loved the plot line because it was a little different from most books. Reading the emails between Cora and Val really attracted me to this book. I love feeling like I have an inside take on what's going on in a story. Valentines Heart gets VERY steamy, which I know is something that you will enjoy reading. I wish this story had been longer so I could have bonded with the characters a bit more. If you are looking for a quick yet spicy read, you need to pick up Valentines Heart, you will be pleased.

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  1. Thanks so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed Val and Cora's story.


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