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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Review - Agency of Extraordinary Mates Vol.1 By Kate Douglas, Eve Vaughn and Alice Gaines

Title: Agency of Extraordinary Mates Vol.1

Author: Kate Douglas, Eve Vaughn, Alice Gaines

Publisher: Changeling Press

Buy Link: Buy Agency of Extraordinary Mates Vol.1 Here!

Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed By: Janelle

Story Blurbs:

Finding Magic by Kate Douglas

At 6'6", ebony-skinned bodyguard Lester Ondáge radiates enough pure, unadulterated sex to drive a sane man crazy. The effect on a love-starved gay Elf is practically lethal. Lester and Tady could be the perfect match -- if they can bring their employers together.

There's a small glitch… Lorcan and Amanda.

Lorcan, Crown Prince of the Northern Realm, has a problem. He doesn't want a wife, but if he doesn't find one on his own, his mother's going to choose one for him -- the last thing any self-respecting Dragon wants. He might be willing to change his mind, now that he's found his "Chosen One" -- but the last thing Amanda, a successful but unhappy Hollywood star, wants is a man -- or a Dragon -- with attitude. Lester and Tady have their work cut out for them, but on the magical island of Chimera, miracles can -- and do -- happen!

4 Play by Eve Vaughn

Coming home to find her fiancé in bed with her best friend -- her best gay guy friend -- Trina Davis decides there are worse things in life than being alone. Men can't be trusted! She's through with them -- forever. She really needs a vacation, but when she attempts to book a trip to Jamaica, she discovers her ex has maxed out her credit cards.

Now more resolved than ever to stay away from men, she's trying to pick up the pieces of her life when she receives a mysterious letter in the mail. She's won an all expense paid trip to Chimera Island Resort -- in the Bermuda Triangle! Even though she's convinced there's a catch, Trina has to get away from New Jersey, and it is free. But to her dismay, the island is crawling with men! Three men in particular won't take "No" for an answer.

Roar, Bayoh, and Talh believe they have found their perfect mate in the form of the stunning Miss Trina Davis. They come from a tribe of shifters where women are scarce, and there are three males to every female. Can they convince Trina that she belongs to them? And can she accept them for what they are?

Sea God's Pleasure by Alice Gaines

When Gloria VanSant finds that the central piece of her art exhibition -- a Pre-Rafaelite painting called The Sea God's Pleasure -- has sprouted a phallus, the discovery is the beginning of an adventure that takes her to the Bermuda Triangle and fulfillment of her every fantasy.

Quarian is the God of the Sea and Master of the Element Water. He's chosen the fiery-tempered mortal female as his eternal mate. When she resists, he resorts to trickery to win her. Will the two of them find unending joy together or spend immortality all alone?


Finding Magic by Kate Douglas

This story is romance by numbers. It follows the "romance formula" to the letter, without deviation. The characters are flat and their problems are predictable. It's not bad, per se, but it doesn't take any chances either.

One thing that did bother me, however, that the way Lester and Tady exchanged fluids almost before they exchanged names. It's a sad stereotype and not very interesting to boot.

4 Play by Eve Vaughn

This story is terrifying!

There is nothing remotely sexy about three men chasing a girl down the beach in the dark, repeatedly ignoring her refusals, breaking into her room, and basically gang raping her. I don't care if she enjoyed it, no means no, and it is still rape. Following this with isolating her from every other man through violence, emotional abuse and sexual manipulation; I half expected this story to end in homicide.

This is not a healthy relationship and is no fun to read.

Sea God's Pleasure by Alice Gaines

This story strikes a strange cord between the other two, with a single minded pursuit of an unwilling woman through isolation and domineering behavior, and a romance that doesn't stretch itself enough to be engaging.

Overall, I'd by pass this book. It's dull when it isn't being scary

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