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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review – Bar None by Brigit Zahara

Bar None.jpg

Title: Bar None

Author: Brigit Zahara

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Buy link: Buy Bar None Here!

Rating: You Want To Read

Reviewed By: Wendy


After a very upsetting day, Sera heads to Bar None and the solace of the joint's owners, Nate and Fab, her two best friends who, oh yeah, just happen to be vampires.

Beautiful, well built and in possession of breathtaking animal magnetism, both Nate and Fab can have any woman they want. But Nate told Sera that sex with a human fires a vampire's bloodlust to the point of frenzy, making it clear that a romantic rendezvous with him or the unusually self-controlled Fab is out of the question. Not that Sera, or any other hot-blooded woman, for that matter, wouldn't be game to take the risk.

What do you do when you're in love with two men, but one of them won't touch you because he's afraid he might "love" you to death? When Sera realizes both guys want her as much as she wants them, she teams up with willpower-wizard Fab to convince Nate that a hot, sexy threesome is well worth the danger.


Sera's best friends, Nate and Fab, have always been there for her when she needed a shoulder to cry on. She had never questioned their feelings until her latest boyfriend turned out to be married. When Sera discovers they are both in love with her, and to her surprise she returns their feelings, she has a very tricky situation on her hands. Oh, and did I mention that Nate and Fab are two gorgeous, sexy vampires.

I so want to have Sera's problems. This was an excellent erotic short story. Well written, in a decidedly graphic tone without compromising the romantic theme at all. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each of the characters, and would not have minded a bit longer story. Although this is a short story, Ms. Zahara manages to flesh out her characters quite well. In fact this reads like a work that is quite a bit longer, and I didn't feel cheated by the brevity at all.

Nate seemed to play a larger role in the story since he was the one who had the actual problem of having a relationship with a human and Fab was the conduit that allowed the relationship to blossom. I would have enjoyed getting into Fab's head a little more, and that was more of a wish than a complaint. I just enjoyed the chemistry between these three so much, it is actually difficult to critique. The eroticism just permeates each and every page. I guess my over all opinion is "smoking hot".

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