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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review - Brought Down by Vonna Harper

Brought Down.jpg

Title: Brought Down

Author: Vonna Harper

Publisher: Loose id

Buy Link: Buy Brought Down Here!

Rating: You Want To Read

Reviewed by: Layne


Raised to defend his clan and obey his chief, the Hunter warrior Sabin captures an Antelope female. He sees her as a simple creature with the potential to save his people through her spirit-given speed. He will exploit her sexuality to break her down. Soon, under his forceful stimulation, she'll become his sex slave. His unwilling but necessary mate.

Kahsha is far from the near animal Sabin believes her to be. Despite the ropes wrapped around her naked body, she'll resist. Somehow she'll regain her freedom, even if it means killing her captor. If only his touches didn't ignite her sexual flames. If only this woman promised to another didn't desperately need the enemy's body.

Having sex with Kahsha makes Sabin question his task, but without her, the hated Wolverines might destroy his people. He must focus on who he is, a Hunter...


Sabin of the Hunter People is on a mission, his clan needs speed and the only way to get it is through the Antelope People. Specifically, seducing and impregnating a female Antelope. An unorthodox task to be sure because Sabin's isn't a plan of flowers and champagne or whispered sweet nothings. Nope. He's a more 'capture her, tie her up, and torture her with his sexual skills' kind of guy.

Antelope female Kahsha's life is nothing to write home about. The man she's willed to marry by the Spirits leaves her cold and unsatisfied in bed. She questions this foretelling, but won't go against it, no matter her feelings. She's resigned to her fate, until Sabin captures her.

Ms. Harper held my attention with Brought Down, using great visuals and description, and a quick, seamless flow. Sabin's reasons for his actions are explained, though I would've liked them to be right up front. They were hinted at, bit by bit, throughout the story. Still, Sabin endeared himself to me. He's a warrior, used to following orders, and intent on seeing Kahsha as nothing but a means to an end. An animal. Using the skills taught him for this purpose, he sets out to break her down until she comes to depend on him. Need him. But as is wont to happen, things change. I liked that his conscience had him ready to apologize again and again for what he has to do. For what he must.

I so liked this heroine. Of course, Kahsha hates the man who captures her. And even as her body responds to his strangely gentle touch, she shows her strong-willed, fiery nature. A surprise to Sabin-he expected weak and docile. While she's tied up throughout, it was great to see the pull and push between her and Sabin. The sexual scenes were nicely done, for the setting and overall story, and not too much. A good read I enjoyed.

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