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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Review - Last Call Europe: Devil’s Advocate by Belinda McBride

Title: Last Call Europe: Devil’s Advocate

Author: Belinda McBride

Publisher: Changeling Press

Buy Link: Buy Last Call Europe: Devil’s Advocate Here!

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle


Tiger shifters Mya and David have a problem. Every time Mya gets aroused, it wakens a beast within her that threatens to overpower her tiger. Unable to consummate their marriage with a proper mating, they turn in desperation to the Last Call, looking for a demon to undo the curse that afflicts her.

Jedidiah Wormwood Worth is a powerful demon and at the top of his field. He's not only a devious trickster who will rob you of your soul, he's also a successful attorney for the underworld -- the real underworld. When he sees the straitlaced shifters at the Specialty Bar, he knows that they'll be his. What he doesn't realize is that by the time the night ends, his heart will belong to them.

Devil's Advocate: Sex for a service, damnation not included.


David and Mya are tiger shifters and they have come to Last Call looking for help. What they find is the top demon himself: Jedidiah Wormwood Worth. They strike up a bargain with him for his help. Little do any of them know that they will lose and gain much more than they think with this bargain.

I just love this series and once again I was pulled right into the magical world at Last call. Mya and David are a great couple. So in love and willing to risk everything to try and fix what they think is wrong with Mya. Jedidiah may be top Demon but there is kindness in him. He shows what a great man he is when he fights for Mya and any information he can get to help her. The three have an instant attraction, which only grows deeper as the night goes on. I enjoyed watching that attraction turn into a bond between all three of them. Each and every one of them fights for their love and when they do enjoy themselves you can see the love shine through it all.

Devil’s Advocate is a wonderful read about trusting your instincts and finding love in the last place you look. I truly enjoyed this book and cannot wait to read not only more from Belinda McBride but also from this series as well.

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