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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review – Night’s Embrace by Jessica Coulter Smith

Nights Embrace.jpg

Title: Night's Embrace

Author: Jessica Coulter Smith

Publisher: Changeling Press LLC

Buy link: Buy Night's Embrace Here!

Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed By: Wendy Mitchell


Just as Annabel is ready to end her life, an amazing man comes to her in the dark of night. Her body responds to him and she finds that she wants him more than she's ever wanted anyone. Allowing him to make love to her, she decides that she'll do whatever he asks, as long as he'll keep her with him -- even if he is a vampire.


Annabel has given up on life and is committed to ending hers. Poe steps in at the last minute and saves her from that fatal plunge by convincing her that she might have a future. This is a story of love at first sight and a woman's journey to finding self worth.

Technically the story was well written. I definitely had issues with Annabel finding her self-worth through a man she just met. Feminist ideology aside, this was a short, paranormal, erotic fairytale. Suspending most everything I hold true to my heart, this was an enjoyable, albeit unrealistic, quick read. Taken for what it is, an erotic fairytale, it works. The scenes were graphic enough to unclench my gritted teeth as I read the story. This actually was a laudable accomplishment. I could identify with parts of the clinically depressed heroine. However, since it was written in first person, I had no idea where Poe was coming from, other than he instantly fell in love with Annabel.

It is not my intent to sound snarky about this book, and individual tastes differ greatly. If you like being swept off your feet by a dark vampire who gives meaning to your life, this is your story.

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