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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Review – Running In Fear: Abandoned by Trinity Blacio

Title: Running In Fear: Abandoned

Author: Trinity Blacio

Publisher: Ravenous Romance

Buy Link: Buy Running in Fear: Abandoned Here!

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle


Jaycee Manz has finally found her mates. Among others of her kind, you would think she would be happy. But like everything else, achieving a dream often comes with a price. How can a person feel totally abandoned when surrounded twenty-four hours a day by her mates? Can she trust them not to rip out her heart?

Remi, Dane, and Mark love their mate Jaycee. Now all they have to do is figure out how to get her to bond with them. Remi knows he's going to have to force the issue, but he's determined to have Jaycee at his side no matter what the cost.

The pack has always been first in Dane's mind, but how does he trust his mate to her duties if she can't even control her emotions? He knows Jaycee needs help and guidance, but what else is she hiding? Will he have the patience needed to deal with her? Or will he just say the hell with it and tie her to his bed forever?

Being Remi's bonding partner is not an easy job, but then neither is being Jaycee's mate. Not only does Mark need to control her, but he also wants to love her. Can she settle down and accept the three of them? If his bonding partner has anything to do with it, she will have no choice, but Mark sees problems coming and knows someone is going to be hurt. ..


Once again we are pulled into the world of Jaycee and her mates. Jaycee is not only fighting for the packs but for her heart as well. This book is an intense and emotional ride. Jaycee's mates are still learning and still making mistakes where she is concerned. They manage to hurt her deeply in this book and must find a way to fix things or loose Jaycee forever.

As we learned in the first book each and every one of Jaycee's mates is special and in this book Remi endears himself more and more to this reader. I loved seeing such a big alpha man turn into a loving mate. Watching the love and trust finally begin to grow between the men and Jaycee was a nice read. Each of the three men must learn to trust Jaycee. Yet it seems every time Jaycee opens her heart they find a way to tear it out. Jaycee is a great woman who keeps picking herself up no matter what life throws at her. Hopefully she will find her true happiness with her mates.

Abandoned is book two in this series and I would advise reading book one to understand the story and its characters. This story does include strong sex and play scenes which may be something to think about before you read this book if you are easily offended. I myself enjoyed this story and its new revelations of Jaycee. I cannot wait to see what book three has in store for Jaycee and her mates.

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  1. Thank you very much Cassie. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. Book four should be out very soon it's with the editor now.
    Thank you again,
    Trinity Blacio


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