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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Review - Tempting Mr. Parker by Delilah Hunt

Title: Tempting Mr. Parker

Author: Delilah Hunt

Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Buy Link: Buy Tempting Mr. Parker Here!

Rating : You Need To Read

Reviewed By: Layne


Thirty-nine year old CEO and architect Caden Parker is in love with Shakara James. For years he’s kept his attraction to the alluring stripper a secret, masking his guilty desire with disdain and contempt. When his hunger for the twenty-one year old becomes too hot to handle, he reveals his feelings, even though he’s afraid she’ll be disgusted and reject him.

Shakara yearns for the day when Caden, her best friend’s brother, will look beyond her poverty and the choices she was forced to make as a teenage runaway. As Cade’s feelings come to light, Shakara is stunned and overjoyed, but will there be consequences for their love?

Review :

Caden Parker has wanted his little sister’s best friend for years. He’s hungered in silence for the woman so many years younger than him, masking his need behind insults about her job choices without ever knowing the real story.

Shakara James has had a hard life with only herself to depend on. Proud and resilient, she’s trying the best she can to provide for herself without the aid of anyone. The brother of her best friend is condescending as hell, not bothering to hide his dislike of her and what she does to support herself. Still she can’t stop thinking about Cade—she’s wanted him for a long time, even after he insults her.

From the get-go I liked the tension in this story. The underlying issue with these two is how much they want each other but refuse to acknowledge it. Cade is way older than Shakara, a white, successful business who rubs elbows with prominent members of the community. Shakara couldn’t be more the opposite. She’s had to work hard—stripping and waitressing—to attain all she has. She’s from the poor side of town and she’s black. Yet for all the social differences thrown in their way, I found these two to be the main roadblocks to their happiness.

I understood Cade’s reluctance at the beginning to own up to his real feelings, but when he did I loved the way they came together. No pretense, all honesty. All he wants is to make her happy, ease the burdens she’s had to carry alone for so long, but Shakara couldn’t let it go easily. I understood that, too. Loved, loved the sexual banter happening as they got physical and the acts itself was amazing. I really enjoyed Ms. Hunt’s work.

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