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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review - The Witch and the Wolf by Tricia Schneider

Title: The Witch and the Wolf

Author: Tricia Schneider

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Buy Link: Buy The Witch and The Wolf Here!

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Brynna


Lord Jeremy North's curse is to become a werewolf during every full moon, turning into a bloodthirsty monster that kills with no remorse. When he finds a woman nearly frozen upon his doorstep, his sense of honor compels him to help her, even at the risk he might kill her himself.

Lillian Merriweather hadn't planned to get caught in a blizzard while traveling the English countryside. Nor had she planned on finding refuge in a house full of secrets. But Lillian has secrets of her own. And what she's running from is not far behind...


On the run from an unwelcome fiancée, Lillian Merriweather has crossed the English countryside with the help of luck, wits and magic, but that luck has run out. Weak and stuck in a blizzard that will surely cause her death, she follows a light to the door of the reclusive Lord North and promptly passes out cold in the snow at his feet.

Jeremy keeps to himself and for good reason. After shifting into the horrible wolf that full moon long ago, he has sworn never to take a wife or have children for fear he will destroy those he loves. But when the lovely Lillian shows up on his doorstep on the eve of yet another transformation, his fears become all consuming as he tries to protect her from the beast he is destined to become. When each of their secrets are revealed, it just may be they can save each other.

Sweet and steamy with a surprising ending, The Witch and the Werewolf will delight and surprise you. I enjoyed this tale of impossible lovers. The more life pulled them apart, the closer they became. Definitely one you need to read.

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