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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Review: Agency of Extraordinary Mates, Volume 4 By Aubrey Ross, Eve Vaughn, and Kate Douglas

Title: Agency of Extraordinary Mates, vol. 4

Author: Aubrey Ross, Eve Vaughn, and Kate Douglas

Publisher: Changeling Press

Buy Link: Buy Agency of Extraordinary Mates, vol. 4 Here!

Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed By: Wendy Mitchell


4Saken: Tegor, Rain, and Geho won't let the opportunity to reclaim their woman slip through their fingers. They'll do whatever it takes to win her back. And with the mood Shelby's in, it's going to take a lot.

Chasing Dragons: Ex-bodyguard Lester Ondáge and Elven manservant Tady O'Shea are living and loving in the land of the Fae, and all is right with their world... or it would be if Lester could fly. Tady and Lester embark on a journey to the Seat of Magic to ask a boon of She Who Rules -- that she turn Lester into a shape-shifting Elf just like Tady.

Carousel: The Carousel's owner, Evette, is fascinated by the Dark Elf Lyell. He stirs her passion in a way she's never experienced. But Evette has a secret, she's a Nocturnal Dichotomy. How will the other half of her being, easy going day-dweller Aurora, react to Lyell's intense sexuality?

Snow Blind: Dezmon is determined to claim feisty Sekarrah as his mate. He introduces her to a drink called Snow Blind, and the games begin. When passion and ambition collide, can two stubborn Elves find their happy ending?


The Agency of Extraordinary Mates specializes in fulfilling the desires of their supernatural clients. From the tiniest of fairies to the largest of ogres, all are welcome and accepted. The hidden tropical island of Chimera is a supernatural paradise where the AOEM agents work their magic, bringing lovers together and wiping away inhibitions.

4Saken by Eve Vaughn is a continuation from a previous work in which the heroine, Shelby, a human, had been banished from a tribe of feline shifters. Her mates, Tegor, Rain and Geho believed lies spread about her and let the punishment stand. After spending a year in the Forbidden forest alone and in constant danger, Shelby is vindicated and allowed to return. Honestly, well big whoop!!! Shelby returns to her human life and family, and rightly so, but is somehow persuaded to return to Chimera where she is once again pursued by her three former mates.

I ground my teeth to nubs reading this. I don’t care how good the sex is, there is NOTHING that could make up for her prior treatment.

Chasing Dragons by Kate Douglas was a delightful spin on the Wizard of Oz. Lester Ondage is a human investigator who has mated royal elven manservant, Tady O’Shea. Lester watches as Tady and others of the royal court shift into dragons and fly through the air. He longs to be able to join them. Tady and Lester are off to see She Who Rules to beg for this boon. I really enjoyed this sweet but incredibly lusty version of the classic Oz story. It had everything, adventure, humor, true and binding love, oh and lest I forget some really smoking m/m action.

Carousel by Aubrey Ross involves family members of characters from previous stories, Prince Lyell is a dark elf on the trail of an evil mage who is killing off members of the royal court. The investigation leads him to Carousel, a night club with heavy ties to AOEM. He mistakenly suspects Aurora/Evette, a female Nocturnal Dichotomy as perhaps being involved in some way. This was a good continuation of Ms. Ross’s previous dark elf tales and I enjoyed the read. The plot holds the readers interest and the appearances of former main characters is always enjoyable. There were some light BDSM elements that some may find enjoyable. I found the story held my interest more than the sex.

Snow Blind by Aubrey Ross deals with Sekarrah, the first female to head a royal security team and her mentor Dezmon. She and Dezmon were lovers before she was accepted into the Royal Academy where Dezmon instructed. They always knew their affair was temporary because Dezmon was of the elite class and though Sekarrah had advanced enough to head Prince Lyell’s security, she still was a commoner. OK, enough with the snotty males already. I am tired of the heroines having to take it on the chin in this book. Let the male pride get dragged through the dirt for once.

I needed to see some serious groveling here, not some macho dominant (insert expletive). I am not against being a little submissive occasionally in certain situations, but not in general attitude. Compromise is not a feminine duty.

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