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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Review: Assassins In Lace: Impressions by Jocelyn Michel

Title: Assassins In Lace: Impressions

Author: Jocelyn Michel

Publisher: Changeling Press LLC

Buy Link: Buy Assassins In Lace: Impressions Here!

Rating: You Want To Read

Reviewed by: Layne


Vampire Chantel Mathis, AKA Karma, is an assassin who always gets her werewolf. Tonight she’s posing as an interior decorator applying for a position at Aubrey Enterprises. Her interviewer and mark is Ren Aubrey, the delectable CEO and owner. Though Ren plays the role of savvy businessman to perfection, Karma knows there’s more there than meets the eye. This werewolf is really an assassin so deadly that the vamps have nicknamed him Slayer.

What Karma doesn’t know is that Ren is exactly her type. Worse, he’s onto her. So the moment he steps into the room, she struggles not only to keep her wits about her but to keep her distance. It doesn’t help that Ren is every bit as beguiled and perfectly willing for their business relationship to be much more. Will Karma be able to resist Slayer’s many charms? Or will their night of passion turn deadly?


Karma is hell-bent on being the one to finally kill Slayer, so she’s all cocky. Confident in her many tricks at the ready until Ren’s many charms disarm her, one by one, and she’s on her back, legs in the air.

I’m rather stumped as to how these two went from one to the other, but okay, I’ll ride along. Suddenly Karma decides Ren’s too what? Pretty? She needs to sleep with him before she kills him. Cool, don’t see the logic, but like I said, riding along. Comes time Ren let’s her know he knows who she is. How? When? All this is in Karma’s POV so we have no idea what he’s thinking. He knows who she is and decides to go along, doing the nasty in his office. His business is top-secret, at least our Karma doesn’t know what he does until he pulls out the sex toys. Convenient.

This doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the read. I took it for what it was—a quick read. Once I allowed myself to suspend all belief and just go with the flow, I enjoyed the sex scenes and the banter, and I actually liked Karma and Ren. I even cracked a smile at the end.

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  1. Thanks, Layne for suspending your disbelief and going along with the ride. That's what it's all about anyway, isn't it! And I'm glad you cracked a smile. That makes me smile, too.

    Great review! Thanks for your time.


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