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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Review: A Lady’s Pleasure by Jolie Cain

Title: A Lady’s Pleasure

Author: Jolie Cain

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Buy Link: Buy A Lady’s Pleasure Here!

Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed by: Karen Parker


Lilith Laughton, Lady Morely, is quite content being a well-to-do widow. After a miserable marriage, she sees no reason to ever wed again. She does her best not to call attention to herself, living her life quietly in the country and avoiding anyone who might disrupt the peaceful life she has created for herself. When her good friends the Earl and Countess of Brentwood invite her to a house party, she goes so far as to disguise herself as a frumpish dowd to keep from attracting attention.

Her masquerade doesn’t fool the Duke of Carlisle, however. It just so happens that the handsome and wealthy duke is finally looking for a wife, but the twittering debutantes of the ton hold no interest for him. No, he wants someone more mature and interesting with whom to tie himself for the rest of his life. And Lily seems like the perfect choice. But what can he do to convince Lily that marriage to him would offer her more than she could imagine? The wily duke decides he must teach Lily all about the pleasure a lady can find with the right man in order to change her mind and win her heart.


Lilith Laughton, Lady Morely, has sworn off men, vowing to never marry again. Surviving a miserable, loveless marriage, she sees no reason to hinder her carefree life being accountable to any man. She is a widower of means, with no need for a husband. Or so she thinks… Her longtime friend, Caroline, Countess of Brentwood and her husband the Earl, have insisted she come to their house party. Caroline has other ideas, certain that she knows better than Lily in this matter. Caroline is a hopeless romantic, positive that there is no way her dear friend could possibly be happy without the ‘benefits’ of marriage. Lily accepts their invitation, but arrives wearing a frumpish disguise hoping to keep any suitors at bay.

At 35 years old, Richard Wentworth St. John, the fifth Duke of Carlisle, has decided that it is time for him to marry. He isn’t interested in any of the young debutantes, nor the too-willing merry widows looking for a husband. As a result of unintended eavesdropping, Richard has discovered the secret of Lily’s disguise. To his own surprise, he has become intrigued by her resolve to remain single. Richard is determined to change her mind, using any means necessary. He plans on seducing her into wedlock!

“A Lady’s Pleasure” is a satisfying romp to another time, giving the reader a vivid experience life in the lives of her characters. Jolie Cain does a good job of making the reader feel like they are actually experiencing the Regency time period. She writes knowledgably of this time, and paints beautiful images in the readers’ minds. The verbal, sexually charged bantering between Richard and Lily keeps one reading on, eager to see what will happen next. As the love affair between them becomes more heated, a string of misconceptions and ill-conceived schemes of playing “hard-to-get” threaten to drive the lovers apart. Will love prevail?

The length of the book, only 65 pages, makes this a quick read. I would recommend “A Lady’s Pleasure” to someone looking for lighthearted romance, but not a lot of time to indulge in a longer story. I enjoyed this book very much but would have preferred it had developed into a full novel. That being said, it was fun taking this romantic journey with the author!

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