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Friday, April 22, 2011

Review - Through a Glass Darkly by Miss Mae

Title: Through A Glass Darkly

Author: Miss Mae

Publisher: Self Published

Buy Through A Glass Darkly here

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewer: Val

Computer viruses no longer exist, yet Vexen’s medical transport is held hostage by one. The hologram engineered to combat the deadly program develops an identity crisis. An alien intruder is discovered stowed away in the cargo bay. And the evil, reptilian Delphan demands immediate surrender of her ship. Can anything else possibly go wrong?

When I found out that Miss Mae had written a science fiction book, I had to check it out. Although Science Fiction is not my first choice to read, I was pleasantly surprised by Through A Glass Darkly. This book was a fascinating especially regarding the hologram. As with any short story, it's difficult for me to tell you how good it is without giving away any of the story. I will say that the twist in this book was well thought out and does not disappoint. Through A Glass Darkly includes believable characters, an involving plot line, a really ugly villian and a woman with a decision to make.

I have been a fan of Miss Mae's for quite a while and I am intrigued that she has now written science fiction. I found that I actually like this genre and look forward to reading more of it. Through A Glass Darkly is a short read so the reader can easily be whisked away to another world and all while on a lunch break. I strongly recommend this book to any reader, whether or not science fiction is a genre you regularly read. With a detailed and fast paced story full of action and adventure, how can you possibly go wrong?

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  1. Thank you for the speedy, and excellent, review! It's scary branching off into this unknown genre, so I'm relieved that you liked the story. :)


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