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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review: An Unusual Prince Charming By Wendy Stone

Title: An Unusual Prince Charming

Author: Wendy Stone

Publisher: Eternal Press

Buy Link: Buy An Unusual Prince Charming Here!

Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed By: Wendy


He was a prince, set to inherit his uncle’s throne. She was the daughter of a baron, left in the hands of a wicked stepmother and treated as a slave. Could he be her prince, the one that would take her away from the torment her stepmother forces upon her? Would she be the one to rule beside him and share his wolf, to become his mate? Would happily ever after be in their grasp?


Stephan was heir to the throne of his uncle’s kingdom of Lycanelsium. He was also a werewolf. While out running through the forest, he happens upon Ariana, a beautiful young girl being horribly abused by her stepmother. Sound familiar, well this is a darkly, erotic version of an old fairytale classic.

If you’re thinking this is just Cinderella with a few name changes and updated language, you would be dead wrong. Granted there are some striking similarities, but some of these characters are just down right kinky. Our boy, Stephan/Prince Charming, has a harem of six. He avails himself to ménages on a regular basis. The stepsisters, they are VERRRY close for sisters, and the evil stepmother is a dominatrix sorceress. Definitely not Disney’s version.

As an adult woman revisiting a favorite childhood tale, I really enjoyed this updated version. It was fun, creative, and way hot!! My only teeny weeny complaint is with the heroine, up until the end, she was just a tad wimpish for my taste. Even with everything that had happened, she was still worried about her stepfamily. An Unusual Prince Charming also incorporated quite a few paranormal aspects. The prince and his mother were werewolves, and there were a couple of magic practitioners in residence. This author had a lovely way of bringing a modern spin to a story that should appeal to a lot of fairytale enthusiasts.

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