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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Review: The Craving By Jenika Snow

Title: The Craving

Author: Jenika Snow

Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Buy link: Buy The Craving Here!

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewer: Wendy Mitchell


Dark Lust series

Payton has isolated herself from everyone and everything she has ever known after a vampire brutally killed her mother. Living in the mountains, away from civilization, is the only way Payton knows how to cope. When a storm blows through and she is snowed in, she won’t be alone for long.

An injured man shows up on her doorstep—a vampire. She discovers Kristofer isn’t a monster at all, but a man who has been a prisoner of his cruel brother for the last fifty years.

As Kristofer and Payton grow closer, an evil force threatens to split them apart. It isn’t until she comes face-to-face with her mother’s killer that she realizes she and Kristofer have more in common than she thought.


Payton’s mother had been killed by a vampire, and while she knew not all vampires were evil, she was still too petrified to remain in the midst of city crowds. Moving to the isolated mountains of Colorado, Payton is content with her solitary existence. It is during a horrible blizzard that Payton has to confront her fears and embrace who she has become. Kristopher is a vampire who has been held captive for over fifty years. He has finally escaped only to become lost and nearly frozen in the blizzard. Payton has a hard decision to make when she finds Kristopher half dead on her porch.

This is a tight, sexy little read. I was pulled into the story immediately. There was even an eye popping surprise in the story. The characters and situations were believable and meshed beautifully. Payton was aware of her prejudices and though she fought to overcome them, when she brings Kristopher in to her life, she lays her cards on the table. As with all first person stories, I miss the male perspective. I mean, he HAS been held and tortured for fifty years, so I would have loved a peek into his thoughts. I sincerely hope that Ms. Snow will bring Kristopher’s brothers forward. I would really like to read their books as well.

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