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Monday, May 23, 2011

Review: Gabriel’s Redemption by Roslyn Hardy Holcomb

Title : Gabriel’s Redemption

Author: Roslyn Hardy Holcomb

Publisher: Loose ID

Buy Link: Buy Gabriel’s Redemption Here!

Rating : You Could Read

Reviewed By : Valentina C.

Blurb :

When Ryannon shows up on Gabriel’s doorstep claiming that he is an archangel with the power to trigger the Apocalypse and that he’s in danger from an End of Days cult, he thinks she’s crazy -- crazy hot -- but still crazy. Despite being a trumpet player named Gabriel, the life he’s led has been anything but angelic. But with the cult already in hot pursuit, he has no choice but to accept it for now. He and Ryannon must go on the run to save themselves and dozens of others from the cult leader’s diabolical schemes.

Even the desperate circumstances are not enough to dampen the fiery lust that pulls them together. Gabriel knows that Ryannon is the one for him, but he’s a player and always has been, and Ryannon has no intention of being just another woman in his bed. Will they survive long enough to develop trust, find love, and somehow avoid inadvertently setting off the Apocalypse?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content and graphic language.

Review :

The story started out with a strong fight scene, with a punch into the middle of the action (pardon the pun) that captured my attention instantly. The main character, Gabriel, was unusual enough even from those first few moments to make me wonder what was going on with him. A trumpet player getting assaulted by people who know who he is? That’s a catchy beginning.

Unfortunately, that’s probably the best scene in the novella. The writing is haunted by inconsistencies and coincidences that move the story forward in what I call “lazy writing”. It’s easy to craft a story when all your characters have supernatural powers that can fix pretty much everything.

Even the central relationship is a bit of a disappointment, the energy between Gabriel and Ryannon is tepid at best, even in the more intimate scenes. There is not nearly enough suspense, moving too quickly to the pants-off moments.

Ok, it’s not awful. It has a myriad of weak spots but also has some quirky dialogue that made me smile and a feline side-kick named Geometry that stole the few scenes she appeared in. So, in my opinion, if you have some time to kill and you don’t expect an earth-shattering story, then sure this one could very well do.

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