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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Review – Love In Ruins by Erin Grace

Love In RUinsTitle: Love in Ruins

Author: Erin Grace

Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing

Buy link: Buy Love In Ruins Here!

Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewer: Wendy Mitchell


Eager to escape a disastrous relationship, archaeologist Ellie Harper jumps at the chance to travel to the remote Scottish Highlands and excavate the ruins of Castle MacKinnon. However, no matter where she goes, the shadow of her ex follows her, promising she will never be free of her painful past.

But when a mysterious stranger turns up half dead on her doorstep in the middle of a violent storm, Ellie is thrust into a realm of ancient secrets and impossible magic that challenges everything she holds dear.

Faced with a heartbreaking decision, Ellie must put her emotions and logic aside to help Laird Ewan MacKinnon find a way home to the thirteenth century—if a way exists. What she doesn't expect is to journey to a past more astounding than history, find a love more precious than ancient treasure, and survive the deadly wrath of an evil man's revenge.


Seeing the chance to finally prove herself as an archeologist, Ellie Harper is more than eager to get started excavating the ruins of Castle MacKinnon in the highlands of Scotland. What first appears to be a dying bear stumbles into her cottage, but turns out to be an injured man by the name of Ewan MacKinnon. Ewan professes to be the son of the Laird MacKinnon and Ellie immediately thinks Ewan had his eggs scrambled a bit too hard. With an ancient mystery to solve, Ellie has to learn to let go of the past while Ewan has to return to his.

The first part of the story is set in modern day Scotland, I admired Ellie’s determination to prove her expertise in her field and reclaim her tattered reputation. I think any woman would question the sanity of a man claiming to be from the 1300’s, so Ellie’s obstinace in refusing to believe Ewan’s story was entirely believable. After that, Ellie and I part ways a bit. While I adored Ewan (for some reason I always get along better with the heroes in a story), Ellie began to make me grit my teeth a bit. Either you believe he’s crazy and needs medical attention (and perhaps a restraining order) or you believe his story entirely. There is no middle ground there.

Sent back to the 1300’s, the duo must find each other and also find the source of the clan’s misfortune. Ewan is a typical highlander, believing his word is law, and questioning him is an insult to his maleness. Now I ask you, who wants a insecure warrior? Highlanders were arrogant and often dictatorial, but those were savage times, so his overall chauvinistic views weren’t surprising, and Ellie stood up for herself magnificently. The romantic sparks set off by Ellie and Ewan was a spicy compliment to the treachery and betrayal that threatened to tear them apart. The love scenes, while not overly graphic, portrayed enough passion between the two, as to make the readers heart race and skin flush. Lovers of men in kilts will find this an enjoyable read.

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