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Monday, May 16, 2011

Review: Possession By S.W. Vaughn

Title: Possession

Author: S. W. Vaughn

Publisher: Resplendence Publishing

Buy Link: Buy Possession Here!

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed By: Janelle


Sully Shaw is one of three – a coven of gay male witches on Devlin Island, charged with protecting the place from the ancient gate between worlds, deep in the woods, that sometimes lets evil things escape. Sully’s job is to banish demons and spirits – which works for him, because after his last disastrous relationship, he’d rather not deal with people. Until a gorgeous stranger crashes on his private beach and needs his help.

Troy Landry was just out for a vacation, and maybe a fling, on Devlin Island. What he didn’t bargain for was crashing his boat on the beach, finding a hot naked man who claims to be a witch, and getting possessed by a demon who takes over his body when he falls asleep. The demon can’t be driven out until dawn – so Troy and Sully have to stay awake all night long. Lots of sex helps. But when they start falling for each other, incredible sex might not be enough to overcome Troy’s insecurities, Sully’s past trauma, and a demon bent on releasing its brethren and killing any mortal who stands in its way.


This story is almost perfect. It has interesting characters, a fun plot, believable conflict; but then tops it off with a big dollop of false drama.

The biggest hurtle for the Romance genre, as a whole, is that it boils down to being a fairytale. I as a reader know, before I bring up the first page, that this story will have a happily ever after. The dragon will be slain, the princess rescued, and the kingdom will once more be under the hand of a fair and rightful king. So it just rings false when after the climax – no pun intended – someone starts a fight over something stupid and they “break up.” I know they are going to get back together, in the next chapter no less. Thus making this whole scene entirely pointless.

On the bright side, Sully and Troy are fun characters, whose distinct personalities bounce off each other with very enjoyable results. Sully is brooding and angsty, while Troy is polite and cute. Watching Troy try to teach Sully basic manners is amusing, watching Sully’s friends see him say ‘please’ is even funnier.

The world building that went into this story is evident. The island, complete with its economics, ecology, and politics, is well defines and lush. Sully’s magic clearly thought out, and it’s lack of description gives it an air of mystery.

Overall, while I was unhappy with the unnecessary false drama for an ending, I still highly recommend this book. It is fun and exciting and well worth the read.

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