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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Review - Steamed by Desiree Holt & Allie Standifer


Title: Steamed

Authors: Desiree Holt & Allie Standifer

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Buy Link: Buy Steamed Here!

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by:  Brynna


Kira Jacobs is sick of always being the bridesmaid, never the bride. Sick of dating hot studs who have no more depth than the water in her sink. She’s determined to find a lasting meaningful relationship with a mature, suit-wearing man. But her goofy, stay-at-home neighbor sends her all kinds of hot signals.

Grant Havers left the high finance rat race after having a heart attack at thirty-eight. He’s done with living up to everyone’s expectations but his own. It’s time to go after what he wants. What he wants most is sexy Kira. He’s convinced her to try him out in bed, but she’s determined to leave it as sex only.


While at his cousins' engagement party, Grant Havers meets Kira Jacobs, a cousin of the brides to be.  After suffering a heart attack he left the stress of the finance world and his reputation as a ladies man behind to live a sedate life and settle down. Kira seems to be just what he's looking for.

Kira Jacobs is thrilled her cousins have found happy ever after, but after escaping a verbally abusive man, she isn't quite ready to sink into another relationship. Grant seems to be just what she is looking for, fun for a night and farewell in morning light. After heating up a boardroom in the hotel where the party is held, they go their separate ways only to learn later they are neighbors. Grant isn't about to give up on winning Kira's heart.

I loved Steamed!  The dynamics of these two characters seem to be a constant force of push away, pull closer making this book a page-turner. Another You Gotta Read from Allie Standifer and Desiree Holt

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  1. Byrnna,

    Thank you for a great review! I loved this series and look forward to writing the last two book with Desiree Holt.


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