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Friday, May 13, 2011

Review - To Those Who Wait by Linda Swift

Title: To Those Who Wait

Author: Linda Swift

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press

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Reviewer: Val

Rating: You Gotta Read

Leah's husband lives in a locked ward for the mentally ill. Scott and his wife live together in an empty marriage. Day after day as counselor and principal of a small town high school, Leah and Scott forge a bond of love based on respect and common goals. When Leah's son turns from star athlete to using drugs and Scot's daughter gets pregnant by the school board chairman's son, they are forced to choose between their family obligations and desire.

First, I need to say WOW, what an ending! To Those Who Wait was a very different book to any other I have read. I thought I might have issues with the relationship between Scott and Leah but at some point, this story just snuck up on me and had me hooked. My heart hurt for both Scott and Leah and all that they endured. I myself am a single mom so I felt as though I bonded with the characters in this book. Ms. Swift has written flawed characters which made them very realistic. Although Leah was technically married, she was all alone. Day after day she just went through the motions. Leah is just a shell of the person she used to be. Being with Scott on a daily basis, she is forced to relax and sees herself through Scott's eyes. Family life can be less than pretty at times and through the twists and turns, Scott and Leah deal with some very challenging situations. My favorite part of the book was watching Leah grow as a woman and a mother, she finds hidden strengths within herself.

I always delight in reading a Linda Swift novel. She writes in such a way that the pacing allows the characters to grow and find their love for each other and themselves. She is not afraid to deal with realistic situations, which is something I admire in a writer. I highly recommend To Those Who Wait to anyone who lives a good romance with unexpected twists and turns. I am an obvious fan of Ms. Swifts and look forward to reading more of her work.


  1. Sounds like Linda has written a wonderful soul stirring story which is right up my alley! I love to cry and laugh as a character grows. Looking forward to a great read by Lind Swift!!!


    "WOW What a fabulous review, Val. Congratulations, Linda! After such an outstanding review, all I have to say is I GOTTA READ this book!"

    Sharon Donovan
    Romantic Suspense with a Twist of Faith

  3. What a wonderful review Linda and Val.

    This sounds like a beautiful, heartwarmng book, that would really stay in the mind of the reader.

    Congratulations, Linda!

  4. I have heard many good things about your writing Ms. Swift and this book looks like one that I could easily fall in love with. I look forward to reading it.

  5. Val, I am elated and humbled by your praise. And my heartfelt thanks to Mary, Sharon, Hywela, and Violet for your kind words as well.
    Sometimes I wonder if being an author is worth the time, energy and effort required but then I get responses like these and it validates me.
    Thank you.

  6. I have said all along that Linda Swift is one of the best, what I call a "classic" author, one who does not need trappings of descriptions and melodrama to create a great story.
    Val, you hit it on the head, and as a fan, also, of Linda's, I congratulate her and you as a wonderful reviewer.

  7. Linda, NEVER EVER QUIT WRITING! You writing is very different than most and that is a wonderful thing. A lot of writers don't go beyond certain things in the event of offending the reader. I promise you that people relate to your books whether or not they let you know. Your characters are very real which makes them relatable. You are a writer that I would miss if you ever chose to stop writing,

  8. Thank you Celia for your praise. Coming from you, it is extra special. And Lastnerve, what an inspiration your words are to me. I do try to write from the heart and my fondest hope is that what I write will touch another heart. I'm happy it has touched yours. Linda

  9. Linda, don't go away! We need authors of honest, realistic and touching books which may not have an HEA but which we'll never forget in large part due to that very fact. Kudos to you on such an excellent review.

  10. What a wonderful review. Congratulations!

  11. What an outstanding review and engaging blurb, ladies. Linda, your writing is indeed unique and your tales are classic. Congrat's on this book's review and I wish it and you much success!
    Laura Shinn

  12. Thank you, Miriam, Karen, and Laura for all of your kind words and encouragement. It makes me so happy to have this book appreciated even though it doesn't quite fit the mold. But then, how could I expect it to, since I don't quite fit either!

  13. Wow, the review nearly made me cry. I bet the book is 2000x better. Thanks Val for the extra book to put on my TBR pile. If it falls over and you don't hear from me, come dig me out.


  14. Tami, how did I overlook your post? I guess I got sidetracked with life this week. But I did appreciate your visit and thanks for adding my book to your TBR pile. Send an SOS and I'll attempt a rescue myself if you get buried under the pile. Say, this is another good reason to load up a Kindle, isn't it?


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