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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Review: Vampire Mistress by Joey W. Hill

Title: Vampire Mistress

Author: Joey W. Hill

Publisher: Berkley Head

Buy Link: Buy Vampire Mistress Here!

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewer: Wendy Mitchell


Gideon Green is a hardcore vampire hunter. But in the past year, his only family, his little brother, became a vampire queen’s servant – and then a vampire himself, giving Gideon a different view of the vampire world. Since Gideon’s sole purpose for over a decade has been killing vampires, the violence that has scarred his soul now haunts his conscience.

Then he crosses paths with sexy BDSM night club owner, Mistress Anwyn. Their connection is immediate and intense, but she has a silent partner--the vampire Daegan Rei. When Anwyn is viciously attacked and turned by a rogue vampire, Gideon and Daegan join to protect her through a dangerous transition. As the bonds between the three of them draw tighter, Gideon faces an unbelievable truth...that the path to meaning in his life may be found in surrendering to the desires and needs of two vampires.


Gideon Green hunts vampires, and not to rehabilitate them or make friends. The wholesale slaughter is taking it’s toll on his psyche though, he needs to be purged. So he turns to Anwyn, the owner of Club Atlantis and hard core dominatrix. She is also the lover of Daegan Rei, a master vampire who is submissive to no one. When Anwyn is turned by a rogue vampire, it is up to Daegan and Gideon to see her through the potentially fatal transition.

This was my introduction to Joey Hill’s work, and I am sorry that it took me so long. Her dark, seductive vampire realm is absolutely delicious. I am normally not a big fan of BDSM. I despise submissive females in any situation, but in this case it was a male submissive. Gideon was not weak in any fashion, and was completely alpha and very dominant outside of the bedroom. He was completely freaked out by any semblance of anal play or male participation in the beginning and wasn’t one hundred percent on board by the end. His sexual growth in this book is one of the most erotic journeys I have ever had the pleasure to read.

The relationship between Anwyn and Daegan takes a major hit after she almost kills Gideon in a psychotic frenzy. Even though Daegan is by far the most dominant and powerful of the three main characters, I think he needs the other two the most. He has seen and done too much. He is very psychologically isolated and it is heartbreaking to see him close himself off. Vampire Mistress just skims the surface of being a ménage story, but it still is some of the most erotic and evocative writing I have come across. This story is continued in Vampire Trinity and you can bet that I now own that book. This was a first class book that I highly recommend.

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