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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review – Darkest Fire By Tawny Taylor

Darkest FireTitle: Darkest Fire

Author: Tawny Taylor

Publisher: Kensington Publishing

Buy Link: Buy Darkest Fire Here!

Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle


In a wicked game of seduction, who’s the hunter and who’s the prey…

Drako Alexandre isn’t merely the handsome billionaire playboy everyone thinks he is. He’s the leader of his generation of Black Gryffons, destined to protect humanity. And though Drako has no desire to be tied down—except at the private bondage club he frequents—the future depends on him taking a wife to bear him a son. He knows just the woman—Rin Mitchell, a delicate beauty who unleashes his deepest primal hunger. Their agreement will ensure he’ll never have to give up his desire for domination, forbidden pleasures, and multiple lovers. But Drako’s chosen prey is also hiding something. And if her secret doesn’t destroy them, the explosive passion she ignites just might…


Drako is hiding behind the façade of a billionaire playboy in reality he is a protector of humanity and its secrets. He must marry soon and once he meets Rin he sees a woman that will solve more than one problem. You see Drako likes to play and not many women would be willing to engage in the BDSM lifestyle that he enjoys. Hopefully he has found the right woman to help him.

I really liked the relationship between Rin and Drako. Drako is a great man who wants to be honorable to Rin but she pushes past his walls and shows him what love can be like. Rin is a good woman who fights and cares for all of those that she loves. The love that develops between the two makes for a wonderful read.  As the two are figuring out their own feelings there is a threat that must be dealt with. Drako must now decide if the love he feels can be a help or a hindrance with his life as one of the Black Gryffons.  I will remind readers that this is an erotic BDSM book and that it includes some explicit sex scenes. It was nice to see the bond that the two develops between Rin and Drako. The trust that they have only comes once in a lifetime and you must grab it when you can.

I would love to find out more about Drako’s brothers and their world in more books. Darkest fire is a hot and sexy read that should not be missed.

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