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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review – Darkness Falls by Trista Ann Michaels

Darkness FallsTitle : Darkness Falls

Author: Trista Ann Michaels

Publisher: Loose Id LLC

Buy Link: Buy Darkness Falls Here!

Rating : You Need to Read

Reviewed By :Valentina Cano

Blurb :

Even though ghosts are Alana's life, she tends to take a more realistic approach to them, often even debunking paranormal activity. When she's offered the chance to investigate one of the largest and most haunted houses in the country, she and her team jump at the chance. But what starts out as a promising adventure turns dangerous fast. At the center of it all is a set of twins Alana finds herself between. Literally.

Noah and Aiden share a connection that strengthens the second Alana enters their town. Unfortunately, the two don't make that great of a first impression when the connection they share spills over to Alana. Seducing her in the middle of a paranormal investigation, that is proving to be more human than ghostly, is not exactly what the two had in mind. In order to win her over, they'll do whatever they think they have to.
But before anyone can focus on happily ever after, they'll have to decipher the ramblings and clues of a female ghost or Alana's best friend will become the next victim of a very human killer.

Review :

I had lots of fun reading this one. It surprised me with the way the story really fits together without seeming forced. This is not usually the case with romance novels or erotica, since they are so geared (as they should) towards the sexual aspect of the story that they ignore plausibility. This one does not suffer from that fault.

The characters are well developed, with some of the usual givens, i.e. falling in love head over heels at first sight, and their charisma as a group is evident from the first few pages.

The atmosphere is fabulous, with a healthy dose of fear mixed in with the sexual tension. The mystery that is the main part of the plot really holds together throughout the story, without bending too much to the requirements of the genre. The steamy scenes are quite steamy, so there was no disappointment on that front. A creative take on a ghost story and a very fun read. I can easily recommend it.

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