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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review - The Not So Secret Baby by Amarinda Jones

Title: The Not So Secret Baby

Author: Amarinda Jones

Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Buy The Not So Secret Baby here

Rating: You Need Read

Reviewer: Val

After a passionate one night stand in her hometown of Cairns, Izzy Mack discovers she’s pregnant.  The father? Well, he’s a prince of a small country off the coast of Ireland called Inis Daire. Izzy decides to do the right thing and tell him.

Sinyn Donnelly, the prince of Inis Daire is thrilled and insists she comes to visit. He remembers the Australian woman very well. As for the baby? It was predicted by the local seer that his future bride would come from across the sea and would be carrying his child.

But not everyone is happy. Sinyn’s cousin is next in line to inherit Inis Daire.  The only way they can take over the island is if Izzy doesn’t have the baby.

Izzy's character was very real and believable. A woman who was self confident and strong, Izzy melted into a puddle from the first minute she was in Sinyn's arms. Sinyn is the love em and leave em type who never truly found someone who held his interest. Until now. Sparks fly when Izzy and Sinyn are together and his protectiveness towards Izzy is heartwarming. Love and Greed bring about intrigue as Izzy is introduced to Anthony Donnelly, the cousin and next in line to the throne should Sinyn not be able to produce an heir. Conner, Sinyn's best friend is a breath of fresh air. I hope he gets his own book because that would be one hot and spicy read.

I've not read much work by Amarinda Jones but I now know that she is a very talented author. I find it amazing how some authors can fit so much into a short story. I was swept away from the minute I started reading The Not So Secret Baby. Rich in plot and likeable characters, it was hard not to constantly keep flipping the pages. For those who like a short sensual read that has sparks flying from the first page, you need to put this on your "must read" list. Amarinda Jones is now an automatic add to my favorite author list.

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