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Friday, June 3, 2011

Review – Skeleton Crew by Cameron Haley

Skeleton CrewTitle: Skeleton Crew

Author: Cameron Haley

Publisher: Luna

Buy Link: Buy Skeleton Crew Here!

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed By: Lupa


Some people fear snakes. Me? Let it be known that Domino Riley hates zombies.
Bodies are hitting the pavement in L.A. like they always do, but this time they're getting right back up, death be damned. My mobbed-up outfit of magicians may be the strongest in the city, but even they aren't immune to the living dead.
I've yet to develop a resistance to Adan Rashan.
If I don't team up with the boss's son, we won't just be at each other's throats over control of the outfit. We'll be craving hearts and brains, as well.
Because as long as this nasty spirit from the Between is stopping souls from finding peace, I'm facing the biggest supernatural crisis to ever hit the City of Angels.
Zombies, it's time you feared


Let me begin by saying I LOVED this book. The flow of the story, the characters, the interactions, everything about Skeleton Crew was awesome.

I have always been a fan of the Urban Fantasy genre. I love the integration of the magical and the modern worlds, and Skeleton Crew is one of the best urban fantasies I have ever read. I literally had tears rolling down my cheeks as I read the last pages. It was Awesome!

My favorite characters in Skeleton Crew have to be Domino and Tatiana. Domino is the main character – so you see a lot of her. I love she spell casting method she uses and her tough as nails attitude. Tatiana is not as prominent in the story but she has one of the most profound comments in the story – “Oberon and Tatiana are your friends – and I will not betray your friendship by lying to you now, The king and queen of the Seelie Court can never be your friends, they can only be your allies.” This is one of the best ways of summarizing relationships with people in powerful positions I have ever read.

I was impressed and surprised at how quickly the characters in this story wormed their way into my heart. I have to admit that now I must add yet another author and another series to my Must Read list.

Cameron Haley has created a fantastic world with enchanting characters.

Skeleton Crew is a definite You Gotta Read.

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