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Monday, June 13, 2011

Review – Soul Hunger By Marisa Chenery

Soul HungerTitle: Soul Hunger

Author: Marisa Chenery

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Buy Link: Buy Soul Hunger Here!

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle


Book one in the Ra’s Chosen series.

As one of Ra’s Chosen warriors, Mehen must protect mortals from the undead who hunt them. Gifted by the sun god Ra, Mehen has never struggled with the task—until he saves a woman from three undead, and finds himself in need of saving. Something about the woman stirs him, and he’s consumed by his need not only for her body, but also her blood.

Blythe may have been saved by the mysterious man, but her reaction to the feel of his arms around her and the way his eyes wander to her neck don’t make her feel much safer. When she’s taken to his headquarters against her will, she finds herself a prisoner. But when he unleashes passion unlike any she’s ever known, she realizes she’ll do anything to stay imprisoned.

But Blythe is not who she seems. And Mehen finds himself in the fight of his life to save the woman he loves from the evil that yearns to possess her.


This is book one in the series, the book that introduces the reader to the wonderful world of Ra’s Chosen. These warriors are on a quest to keep the humans safe from the evil that hides in the night. Each and every one of them is a wonderful man and in this book we get to read Mehen and Blythe’s story.

Will Mehen figure out what is going on before it is to late or will he finally push Blythe away?

I really enjoyed this book. I was pulled into the world of Ra’s Chosen and their fight, right from the start. Blythe is a great woman who can and does stand on her own. She will not let any of the warriors push her around especially Mehen. She fights and stands by her man no matter what. Mehen is a good man who fights for those that he cares about, which now includes Blythe. The two are a wonderful couple and go through so much before they can find their happy ever after. Seeing the pain that Blythe goes through you can only hope that Mehen will finally see that they are meant to be. I adored the relationships that each warrior formed with Blythe. Showing the reader that each warrior is a special man in his own way and keeping us wanting to see who will find their mate next.

Marisa Chenery weaves a wonderful story that not only brings together romance and paranormal but also includes humor making Soul Hunger a great read. This is a great start to a wonderful series.

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