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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Review - Spinning the Law by Kendall Coffey

Title: Spinning the Law

Author: Kendall Coffey

Publisher: Prometheus Books

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Rating You Gotta Read

Reviewer: Val

High-profile courtroom dramas fascinate our nation, especially when they concern the rich and famous. And while the American public has come to realize that the spin factor is a prime ingredient in political tactics and marketing campaigns, many are unaware of the strategies for shaping public opinion when it comes to major courtroom battles.
This behind-the-scenes analysis of media strategies presents an intriguing, often entertaining curriculum that they do not teach in law school or journalism classes. As the lead counsel in some of the country's most notable cases and a savvy legal commentator with hundreds of television appearances, author Kendall Coffey brings a distinctive combination of depth as a legal practitioner and experience as a media analyst to this insightful, provocative, and practical book.

I am the type of person when a case is highly publicized, I will do all I can to find the about the specifics in the case. What we are led to believe in the media may not necessarily be the truth. Why? Because it's all about the spin on the case. It's not as though lies are being thrown at the media mainstream but rather a deflection of sorts.

Throughout the book, you will find little captions of what to pay particular attention to under the Spinning Lesson headline. These little nuggets of information are something you don't want to miss. These lessons not only intrigued me but also had me looking at everything from a very different perspective. I learned a lot about how the lawyer will use facts within the case to actually sway public opinion in a different direction. Which in turn makes you understand how the most savvy lawyers make the ungodly amounts of money they do. They earn every single penny of it.

Spinning the Law not only covers cases in our lifetimes such as Scott Peterson, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson and Martha Stewart but also touches on Joan of Arc (which was my personal favorite), Charles Lindbergh and Levi Weeks. Each case is written with background information that you may not have known along with a brief history which makes each case more entertaining than the one before. Even though you may not be very lawyer savvy, this book will break down public opinion of high profile cases for you in the most intriguing way.

Kendall Coffey has done an outstanding job with the documentation and has provided extensive references in the back of the book. Spinning the Law is a must read for those who follow public trials as well as lawyers. The fact that this book covers such a large readership base should tell you that it is both entertaining and educational. You will never look at public opinion in the same way again. I highly recommend this book to anyone!

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