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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Review – Designs On A Warrior By Marisa Chenery

Designs On A Warrior

Title: Designs on a Warrior

Author: Marisa Chenery

Publisher: Summerhouse Publishing

Buy Link: Buy Designs on a Warrior Here!

Rating: You Need To Read

Reviewed By: Gabrielle


Leaving her native Canada behind, Cydney is visiting Norwich, England with her best friend after finishing university. And she’s on the hunt…for a British boy toy to help fill her vacation. At a nightclub one night, she finds the perfect candidate–he’s tall, muscular and as good-looking as sin. She doesn’t waste any time seeing if he could be the one to occupy her time.

Wulfric–a shape shifting, immortal warrior charged by the Anglo-Saxon god, Tiw, to protect mortals from werewolves sired by Fenris the wolf–had followed his prey’s scent trail to a nightclub. Following inside to continue the hunt, he’s confronted by a gorgeous woman who introduces herself while grabbing him by the crotch. He’s even further distracted when he realizes that she’s his mate, as well.

But as things heat up between them, the disappearance of Cydney’s best friend forces Wulfric to tell her the truth about him before he’s ready. And the chance of having to let her go could be one battle he’ll lose in the end.


On the trail of one of the corrupt werewolves Wulfric happens upon his mate Cydney in a nightclub. Promising to find her the next day Wulfric continues on his search. When Wulfric and Cydney do get to spend some time together sparks from the previous night burst into flames. As the two begin to form a bond evil rears its head once again. Will Wulfric be able to save the day as well as his relationship with Cydney or will all be lost?

I have enjoyed this series from the start and this new book is no different. I love Cydney and her brashness. She has a great personality and is loyal to all of those that she cares for. She finds her instant attraction to Wulfric strange but still enjoys herself. Wulfric is a wonderful man who is always ready to defend those that he loves. Seeing the trust that the two have for each other turn to love was a nice read. They are so in love and make a great couple. Not only does Wulfric need to find a way to explain what he is to Cydney but he must also try and help stop the recent evil of Fenris’s werewolves. Yet when push comes to shove Wulfric endears himself to the reader when he gives Cydney the choice of their future and showing what a real man he is.

This book is a nice addition to the Wolves of Anglia series. This story took me on an emotional ride and even had me laughing out loud at times. I truly enjoyed seeing Cydney attacking the dresser with the ax and the shag carpeting. Marisa Chenery weaves a wondrous story bringing the reader into the magical world of immortal warriors.  I am eagerly awaiting the next warrior’s book.

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