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Monday, July 11, 2011

Review – Dragon’s Lair By Delilah Hunt

Dragons Lair

Title: Dragon’s Lair

Author: Delilah Hunt

Publisher: Changeling Press

Buy Link: Buy Dragon’s Lair Here!

Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed By: Janelle


Taryn, a skilled warrior, knows she is indebted to the scarred dragon responsible for saving her village.

Darius is an outcast, a lone dragon without a clan and on the edge of self-destruction. Stalking and protecting Taryn is the only pleasure he knows. After the exotic female entices her way into his lair, only the gods can predict the outcome of their sensuous union.


This story has a terrible case of word confusion. As an example, “Flailing” wings are not conducive to flight. This problem makes most of the story very confusing as I spent far too much time trying to understand what the author meant rather than what was written. Adding to this is an incredible lack of description – how big and what color is the dragon – and odd choices of what setting is provided – the dragon lives in a cave, in a mountain, next to a beach and a forest...really? – the story is just a mess.

The sex is boring. The characters seem far more concerned with talking about their pasts then the paying attention to the carnal pleasures. If they can’t be bothered to enjoy themselves, why should I?

Overall, I’d be seriously hesitate to recommend this story.

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