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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review – Stripped Defenseless By Lia Slater

Title: Stripped Defenseless

Author: Lia Slater

Publisher: Amazon

Buy Link: Buy Stripped Defenseless Here!

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed By : Nerine Dorman


Deception brings them together. Exposure can tear them apart. Taking off her clothes every night for the patrons of Hothouse Gentleman's Club was never part of Ava Lureau's life plan, but the sleazy strip joint was the last place her powerful ex-boyfriend would think to look for her. A life on the run kept Ava safe...but lonely. So when a ruggedly sexy stranger shows up and a lap dance becomes more than another dollar in her G-string, she takes a chance. Kade Gavin's job is simple-capture his target and deliver her to the man who hired him. Nothing but a paycheck matters in Kade's bleak existence...until the enticing stripper with soft curves and a puzzling persona climbs into his bed--and under his skin.


There's no lack of kink in Fatal Exposure, and Slater uses every opportunity and then some to deliver enough bang for the buck in this tale. Ava's on the run from her abusive ex, Zack, and figures she can hide in plain sight as a stripper in a sleazy strip joint. Kade's been sent by Zack to find Ava, but he doesn't figure falling for sassy target. But saving Ava from a powerful, dangerous man is hardly a cakewalk, as Kade discovers. On the whole, Slater kept me reading but there were moments, especially during the numerous love-making scenes, that I felt that her descriptive terms border on purple. While this did drag me out of the story from time to time, Slater more than makes up for this by keeping the pace of the novel cracking. I would have liked to have seen more development in secondary characters such as Poppy and Jax, who promise an intriguing Bonnie and Clyde-style departure. This is a fast and fun read, which left me fanning myself at times.

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  1. Thank you for the great review, Nerine! I just wanted to let readers know I've gained the rights back to Fatal Exposure and have renamed it Stripped Defenseless. The eBook has a new cover and price as well. Currently it's available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Again, thanks for the review!


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