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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review - High Speed Hunger by BL Bonita

Title: High Speed Hunger

Author: BL Bonita

Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by Val

Drive it like you stole it . . . .

Eileen Lavoie can’t keep her hungry eyes off the new pit crew guy. He’s built like a machine and his Jamaican accent makes her wet with every seductive word. But she’s already dating her team’s number one Sprint car driver. What should she do, stick with her reckless, on-and-off boyfriend, or give in to temptation?

Raised on the track, Tyrone Ellis knows he can make a name for himself if given the chance, and he also wants the boss's daughter in every way a man can have a woman. One night of unforgettable sin sets the wheels in motion, and he sets out to prove he's the next best thing for the team--and the right man for sweet Eileen.

On a track born of high speed and hunger, will Ty win the race and get the girl, or will jealousy and hatred lead to a deadly end?
Vroom Vroom baby! The minute I found out that High Speed Hunger was written in the Nascar vein, I knew I had to grab it fast. Being a huge racing fan, I found myself enthralled with the story line. When it came to technical terms, Ms. Bonita has definitely done her research.

Ms. Bonita has done a fabulous job of providing the perfect ego driven race car driver in Bobby, Eileen's current boyfriend. He was not just a character I loved to hate but he did it in the perfect way. Bobby was your typical grown man with the maturity level of a two year old.

Now Ty on the other hand, whew! Talk about blazing hot in every sense of the word. From the moment Ty's character was introduced, it was evident he was not your typical man. His feelings ran deep and when Ty knew he wanted something, he didn't stop until he achieved his goal. His respect for Eileen and her father gave his character depth and I found myself falling even harder for him.

Enter Eileen, who was a woman who deserved better than Bobby. I could relate to Eileen's character because she was a strong confident woman existing in the male dominated world of Nascar racing. Surrounded my men on a daily basis, she couldn't help but notice Jamaican heartthrob Ty. I can't say how things turn out because the fun is in the finding out. However, I can say that High Speed Hunger was not only a scintillating read but a very addictive one as well. The ending was everything I could have wanted and more.

Ms. Bonita did an exceptional job of providing a solid plot line, realistic characters that lived and breathed for me along with a sizzling heat level that kept me turning the pages as quickly as possible. I highly recommend High Speed Hunger to anyone who needs a short getaway from reality. This book is not to be missed!

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  1. Thanks for the awesome review, Val! I'm so happy you enjoyed my book. :-)


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