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Friday, July 8, 2011

Review – A Knot In Time By Will Greenway

A knot in time

Title: A Knot in Time

Author: Will Greenway

Publisher: Writers Exchange

Buy Link: Buy A Knot In Time Here!

Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed By: Janelle


Shaladen Chronicles extends an invitation to both Science Fiction and Fantasy readers, as well as any mainstream readers willing to put aside what they know to enjoy a trip through time and space. Like all good science fiction, the Shaladen universe generally plays by the rules of physics as we know and speculate about them. Additionally, like in good fantasy, magic exists--it has rules and most importantly a cost.

In the Shaladen universe we have heroes and super-heroes, villains, and super villains... we have the full gamut of emotions and situations: love, unrequited love, humor, hate, and people driven by revenge. It is a place where a mortal man can shake hands with an immortal, and the boundaries of time-space can be broken with a thought. Prime your imagination pump, sit back with your favorite beverage, take book in hand, and prepare for a ride that won't disappoint...


I can honestly say this is well written. I saw no typos and the flow was even and well paced. However, it is drowning in techno babble. There is a rule of thumb in writing that says call a spade a spade. I have no idea what a “rev” is beyond a measurement of time; but is it a second or a minute or something in between. What makes series like, say, Star Trek work is that the techno babble is kept to a minimum and in small doses. But when a story constantly uses words that the reader doesn’t know, it at best, makes the reader feel they have missed something, and at worst, stupid.

The only character I could relate to was Corim, simply because he was the only one who was humanized. Half the other characters are these...magical/mechanical/plant-based warrior species called Kriar. They are the main spouters of the aforementioned techno babble, and as a whole are completely un-relatable. Weather this intentional or accidental seems irrelevant in the face of the fact that an un-relatable character is next to impossible to care about.

Overall, I believe there is a good story in here, but it will take some heavy editing to find it.


  1. Sounds like you made up your mind before reading past the first chapter. Tal, Terra, Aarlen, Ceraph, all have pasts and visual / emotional character.

    I think this is proven by your exaggeration of the use of the "technobabble" which exists in only 2 of the first five chapters. Apparently a rev, which after half a moment's thought, is roughly a second... is too challenging a concept, so throw everything else away.

    Not a balanced or fair review in my opinion. I believe readers ready to exercise their mind a little and allow themselves to not require spoon feeding will be rewarded for their efforts.

  2. Why is a rev so hard?

    ...Dulcere conducted a quick test, setting the brain matrix's internal timer to zero,
    she blinked her eyes twice. She knew from millennia of practice almost to the
    chronon how long it took to do that. One point zero revs?...

    Seems like he explained it to me...

  3. I find it interesting that you are attacking my reviewer, and my site and doing so Anonymously.

    Now of course all are welcome to comment as they like.

    But I would appreciate it if an Author who gets a bruised ego from a review contact me directly instead of whining like a child on my site.

    The book was given a rating high enough for the review to be posted on the site. The reviewer gave her honest opinion about the book including any flaws she saw in the story.

    The site and its review team stand behind her and her review. I am sorry you disagree with the review but this is life. Not everyone sees things the way you do.

    Having a temper tantrum on the site the review is posted on seems very childish to me.

  4. Hi, I'm the publisher, so I just wanted to add a bit of information here.

    Because this is part of an entire universe it is part of a MUCH larger picture. You shouldn't read the Shaladen Chronicles before you read the Reality's Plaything Series where the first two books come across as completely fantasy but by the third book you learn that the universe is made up of worlds that operate with Magic and those with technology. In the last few books of the Reality's Plaything Series the technological side is introduced more gently.

    This book starts with the premise that you are already a bit familar with the universe.

    Thank you for your comments, I will discuss with the author about adding a caveat to the book (and the blurb) explaining this, that way a reader won't jump in the middle because it says book one and end up confused.

    I read them out of order, because the books weren't completed chronologically and I found it hard too, but after I got the chance to read the five-part series that really goes before it (at least in explanation) it made a heap of sense.

    If you are interested in reading the others so that this one makes sense (because it is a brilliant series when you understand it) just let me know, in the meantime the order of the books chronologically is all up on Will's author page http://www.writers-exchange.com/Will-Greenway.html

    Oh, and please excuse Will's fans coming to his defense, he has quite a following.
    Sandy Cummins
    Writers Exchange E-Publishing


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