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Monday, July 25, 2011

Review – The Scarab Prince By Rebecca Goings

The Scarab Prince

Title: The Scarab Prince

Author: Rebecca Goings

Publisher: Carnal Passions

Buy Link: Buy The Scarab Prince Here!

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed By: Janelle


Trianna Pramtash must be punished for her assault on the Viper Prince’s intended bride. Not wishing to do so himself, the Viper gives her to his best friend, the Scarab Prince, to mete out her sentence--the one man who’s held Trianna’s heart since childhood.

Qadir Hadmas is overjoyed Trianna no longer belongs to the Viper. His heart broke years ago when she left Suridesh engaged to his best friend--but she never married Tariq. She belongs to him now, and he’s not about to let her go.

Neither of them is prepared for the sensual delights Trianna’s punishments turn out to be. Their fragile childhood bond turns into a raging inferno--one they cannot deny. But when Trianna is taken from him in a spectacular sandstorm, it is up to the Scarab Prince to claim the woman he has always wanted, and make her his in truth.


It seems I am still reading this series is reverse order, and I am still loving it. This book brings us a couple who dabble, albeit only very very slightly, in SM.

Trianna is a curious character. It is clear she carries baggage due to her uncle’s mental instability, but not the kind she assumes. Qadir on the other hand is an almost archetypical prince in shining armor, saving her not only from the story’s villain, but from herself as well.

The sex is good, but if you are in it for the SM, you’ll probably be disappointed. For all the talk of punishment, her penalization is far more self inflicted then meted out.

Overall, this series is still wonderful and I still highly recommend it.

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