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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Review - Seduced By Her Highland Warrior By Michelle Willingham

Sediced by her Highland Warrior

Title: Seduced By Her Highland Warrior

Author: Michelle Willingham

Publisher: Harlequin Books

Buy link: Buy Seduced By Her Highland Warrior Here!

Rating: You Want To Read

Reviewer: Wendy Mitchell


Back in her husband's bed
Alex MacKinloch is chief of his clan and, in these dark times of unrest, he has united his people.
The void between him and his wife is proving a much harder challenge. When Alex discovers Laren has been keeping secrets from him, his thinly veiled frustration can no longer be contained.
The pleasures of the marital bed seem long forgotten to Laren. Yet her warrior husband is looking at her with increasingly hungry eyes… This powerful highlander has seduction on his mind and his wife in his sights!


Alex and Laren MacKinloch’s marriage had never recovered from the death of their infant son three years ago. Now with the English burning the clan’s keep, there is even more stress piled onto the troubled relationship. As chief of the MacKinloch clan, Alex had many responsibilities and Laren was trying to ease his burdens by not becoming another worry to pile on his shoulders, but it looked to Alex as if Laren was pulling further and further away.

This was not a book I could read in one sitting because it was just so damn sad. Not the heartwarming sad, I’m talking depressing, throw yourself in traffic sad. The death of their son was sad, the burning of the keep was sad, the clan wanting to give up and move was sad, but these were circumstantial. The saddest thing was that Alex and Laren’s marital woes were due to the fact that neither one of them would open their mouth and say what was on their mind. They were so busy trying to mind read the other that they kept drifting further and further apart. It was absolutely maddening. I really can’t identify with this trait because I can guarantee you that if I am thinking or feeling something, you’re going to know it. I sympathized with Alex more in this story, because he was the head of the clan. Laren was very insecure and timid, which just set my teeth on edge. She wasn’t weak and she did have a backbone, but she hid it and tolerated the clan’s poor opinion of her.

The story in general was very good. The writing and setting were spot on. About two-thirds of the way through the book, I unclenched my teeth , and really began to enjoy the book. The battle to keep the clan together and solvent added to the ever present danger from the marauding English and other clans snared my interest. I had to make sure some justice was meted out and that there was some happiness included in this story. Hint, there was. By the end I had a nice happy grin on my face and all was right in the literary world again. I will be watching for the next MacKinloch book and all other works from Michelle Willingham because she produces excellent stories.

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