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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review – Tasting Thanatos By Shona Husk

Tasting Thanatos

Title: Tasting Thanatos

Author: Shona Husk

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Buy Link: Buy Tasting Thanatos Here!

Rating: You Need To Read

Reviewed by: Layne

Story Blurb:

Etienne, sometimes known as Thanatos, wants to feel again. Anything—pain, pleasure, hunger, thirst. He lost all sensation after being tortured during the French Revolution. His quest has led to a love of body piercing and delivers him into the hands of lovely but aloof fellow Vampire Maria.

Maria avoids her kind, and represses the urge to drink the blood of her lovers. The first time she bit, she killed, and she’s terrified of making the same mistake again. Instead she finds satisfaction through piercing. Until Etienne lays down a challenge—make me feel.

He wants her to take him in every way, to mark his soul. And to do that, Maria must embrace every part of her vampire nature.


Shona Husk pulled me in to this amazing and unique story from the first paragraph with a surprisingly sensual flow. The premise of Tasting Thanatos is as unique as the romance itself between Maria and Etienne.

Both are Vampires, yet Maria keeps to herself, staying away from other Vampires. And blood. Her reasons for both are duly explained and perfectly understandable. She’s scarred and not just physically. Etienne’s arrival into her tattoo shop shakes up her world.

Etienne had been through his share of trials and the result is his loss of all sensation. Everything. He relies on memories. He wants Maria’s touch though he can’t feel it. She craves his bite and longs to bite him, though she’s only done that once with disastrous consequences.

Tasting Thanatos was a smooth, quick read that finished way too soon. Ms. Husk didn’t bother bogging us down with unnecessary details; we’re given all we need to understand these two people and what makes them perfect for each other.

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