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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Review – A Touch of Crimson By Sylvia Day

A Touch Of CrimsonTitle: A Touch of Crimson; A Renegade Angels Novel

Author: Sylvia Day

Publisher: Signet Eclipse

Buy Link: Buy A Touch Of Crimson Here!

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewer: Wendy Mitchell


Adrian Mitchell is an angel of immense power and insatiable desire. Leading an elite Special Ops unit of the Seraphim, his task is to punish the Fallen—angels who have become vampires—and command a restless pack of indentured lycans.

But Adrian has suffered his own punishment for becoming involved with mortals—losing the woman he loves again and again. Now, after nearly two hundred years, he has found her—Shadoe, her soul once more inhabiting a new body with no memory of him. Only this time he won’t let her go.

With no memory of her past as Shadoe, Lindsay Gibson only knows she can’t help being fiercely attracted to the smoldering, seductive male who crosses her path. Swept into a dangerous world of tumultuous passion and preternatural conflict, Lindsay is soon caught in the middle between her angel lover, her vampire father, and a full-blown lycan revolt. There’s more at stake than her love and her life—this time she could lose her very soul…


At the beginning of man, a group of Seraphim known as the Watchers were sent to Earth to watch over the development of mankind. Over time some of the Watchers developed human emotions and began to interact with man, some even felt desire and love. To couple with a human was strictly forbidden, so a second group of Seraphim, known as the Sentinels, were sent to render punishment to the Watchers. For their sins, the Watchers became the Fallen, and were stripped of their wings, thus losing their souls. They were cursed to be blood drinkers with no hope of redemption. Amongst the Fallen, there were those who begged for mercy, and they were granted leniency in the form of mortality, but they must have their blood mixed with the demon werewolf blood and forever be the guardians of the Sentinels. Adrian is the leader of the Sentinels, and he has a sin by the name of Shadoe.

Best book I’ve read all year, bar none, and I’ve read some books by heavy hitters that I worship. This is a deep, deep story and it has so many layers and shades of gray that it’s hard to pick a side. Ms. Day did a fantastic job of presenting each side of a difficult, if not impossible situation. Each group had been locked into their roles for so long that they had become stagnant in their hatred and resentment of each other. I think I had the biggest problem with Adrian because he was such a stickler for absolute obedience to the rules, except when it came to him. Oh, he knew his punishment would come, and he had a lot of angst and remorse, but not a lot of forgiveness. The Sentinels were supposedly free from emotion, but they had resided on Earth so long, many had started to feel. Lindsay was probably the least troublesome of the characters as far as understanding what motivated her. She is coming from a human perspective, with a lot a sass, fierceness, and a strong, independent attitude. Just my kind of heroine. The Vampires are a bit murkier, they gave up their immortal souls for emotion. How can that be bad? How can something without a soul not be inherently evil? The reader will have to ask themselves these questions while reading this book. Shades of gray. The Lycans to me are the most sympathetic group, sworn to serve the Sentinels, their finite lives are not their own. They languish in servitude while resentment builds amongst the ranks. The emotional bonds that have formed and are being tested make this book one that can’t be put down. The relationship between Adrian and Lindsay just sizzles. This is not your granny's romance, it is HOT! The possibilities arising from this book are astounding, and this series is definitely going on my preorder list. It will go into my permanent library and become a treasured part of my home. I suggest you do the same.

A Touch Of Crimson

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