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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review – The Unforgiven By Joy Nash

The UnforgivenTitle: The Unforgiven: The Watchers, Book 1

Author: Joy Nash

Publisher: Dorchester Publishing

Buy link: Buy The Unforgiven Here!

Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewer: Wendy Mitchell


The Watchers: They were angels who lived among men millennia ago, fascinated by a fledgling human race. But when they couldn’t resist temptation, their offspring became cursed into a half existence—soulless magical beings who live for pleasure. Now these fallen angels are being hunted by the very same race their fathers once revered.

Cade was ordered to claim her for his clan. She was becoming one of them—a Watcher, soon to reach her full power—and she didn’t even realize it. Yet the moment he saw her, he knew he could never share her. Maddie was his. No matter what demons lurk in her past, no matter how much she tries to deny her body’s burning need for his, he will claim her for himself. And together they will face the battle that is brewing...


When a group of Angels were sent from the heavens to watch over mankind, they were forbidden to touch the daughters of man. When the rule went unheeded, this unholy union created the Nephalim. The flood was sent to wipe the unholy stench from the Earth, but a few survived. Now living in clans made up of the descendants of the original Fallen, the Nephalim are cursed to despise the other clans. Now a war is brewing and clan Samyaza’s only option is to send newly transformed adept Cade Leucetius to enslave one of clan Azazel’s unaware progeny. Madeline Durant has a death sentence hanging over her head, diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer, she knows her time is limited. Cade is about to give her the gift of life, but it comes with a hefty price.

The Unforgiven is an extremely dark book. It is well written with well thought out storylines and characters. The finite lives of the characters in the book, and the grim lives they endure don’t lend itself to a happy, lighthearted read. The Watchers are allotted 120 years with no hope of redemption. At death they go into Oblivion to be forever forgotten. Eeeeeks, depressing. The characters are basically an angel/demon/human DNA cocktail who by definition are on the slightly immoral side of the scale. A dormant can only survive the transformation through sex and this can have unfortunate side effects, both for the dormant and the adept.

There are a lot of sexual manipulations in The Unforgiven that left a slightly bitter taste in my mouth. There are no clear cut good guys in this story, and I really had issues with Maddie. She at first came across as sympathetic, but I forgot about that about halfway through the book. She has some nasty tendencies that I could have done without. I am a fan of dark paranormal literature, but it still needs to have some element of lightness. There was very little lightness in this book. A lot of Maddie’s behavior was excused because of Cade’s original intent. My argument is that intent in no way equals action, and some things are just beyond forgiveness. Cade was put in an untenable situation of someone else’s making, he had no malice towards Maddie at all. Maddie had lots of malice.

As dark as I’ve portrayed The Unforgiven, it is still a romance, so don’t let me scare you off. I am glad I took the time to read it, because I have enjoyed past works from Ms. Nash. The series does have promise if it would just lighten up a tad.

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