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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Review – The Assassin’s Lover By Emma Holly

The Assassins lover

Title: The Assassins’ Lover

Author: Emma Holly

Publisher: Smashwords

Buy Link: Buy The Assassin;s Lover Here!

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed By: Wendy Mitchell


Katsu Shinobi isn’t your ordinary princess. For one thing, she’s a Yama, a member of a supposedly demonic race Humans discovered living secretly among them forty years ago. For another, Kat doesn’t subscribe to the icy-hearted principles most royals swear by. She wants to live life—maybe not as recklessly as Humans but as fully as she dares.

Accustomed to sharing women, demon assassins Ciran and Hattori introduce Kat to the pleasures of an intense ménage. Neither expects to lose their heart to her, or that Kat's enemies will one day hire them to kill her.

Their bid for freedom will pit them against the icy dangers of diamond lands and the alien comforts of a Victorianesque Human world. Most of all, though, this daring trio will need to conquer the threat within. Only when they put all their faith in love will they find happiness together.


The Yama have inhabited the Earth much longer than humanity, but have only recently been discovered. Humanoid in appearance, they have some very special differences. They are very strict about maintaining social class separation, and only interact in very specific circumstances. At least that’s what supposed to happen. Princess Katsu Shinobi was set to spend her Natal day alone. Sent from her family’s home because of a petty, jealous stepmother, Kat was more than happy to end her isolation when fate dropped the two handsome, Rohn guards, Hattori and Ciran in her lap. For three glorious months the trio lived a life of sexual bliss. Now a few years later, Kat’s stepmother has ordered the two guards to murder Kat. Well, that’s just not going to happen. Right?

The Demon World series is my favorite from all of Ms. Holly’s great list of works, and it gets better with each new book. Unlike some series that have a tendency to phone in a book or two once the series is established, not so in the Demon World. These characters are so vivid and multidimensional, that by the end of the book, I feel as if I am actually friends with these characters. Ms. Holly has given the greatest care in creating this world of Demons, even down to the minutiae of day to day life. I get drawn in to her characters so intimately that I feel their joy and their heartbreak. The ménage between Kat, Hattori and Ciran is explored so thoroughly on both a sexual and emotional level that this is a groundbreaking book.

The journey these three have to go through just to attain a semblance of happiness while remaining safe will keep the reader on the edge of their seat. This is not just an erotic book. It is a wonderfully entertaining story that happens to have some deliciously erotic passages. I would love to see Hattori’s brother, Haro, get his own tale in the Demon World. I have my fingers crossed on this wish. This is an absolute “Must Read” for new and old fans alike.

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