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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review - Caged By K. M. Spires


Title: Caged

Author: K. M. Spires

Publisher: CreateSpace

Buy Link: Buy Caged Here!

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed By: Janelle


Welcome to Lycaon. A small island off the coast of Texas, Lycaon is renowned for its brutal, haunted history as well as its wonderful tourist attractions. From the rides and games on the boardwalk to the museums and gift shops dedicated to the Lycaon Beast, there is something on Lycaon for everyone.

There are only a few simple rules that must be followed. When walking on the beaches, don't go near the water. Outsiders are forbidden to venture to the interior of the island. All tourists must be aboard the last ferry, which leaves at sunset. Most important of all, never set foot on Lycaon on nights of the full moon. These rules are in place for your safety. Please, enjoy your stay.


We are not all what we seem to be, we all have secret, regrets, fears, and burdens the bear. Every closet has some skeletons, but some closets are bigger than others. The island of Lycaon’s closet has multiple dimensions.

Jawna, our heroine, has lived on Lycaon all her life, just like all the residents. She knows the island like the back of her hand, that includes all it’s deepest, darkest secrets, but she won’t tell. When an intrepid writer arrives on the island with dreams of telling the Lycaon’s history, it falls to Jawna to guide him around the island and keep him safe from his own curiosity. She never expected to develop feels for him.

Lok has lived life fast and hard. Born on Lycaon, he is running from a past he cannot escape. His relationship with Jawna is complicated to say the least, but despite their problems, he has no intention of letting anyone come between them, be it starlet or monster.

Overall, I have found mysteries are among the hardest stories to write. It is a careful balancing act between not giving away the surprise, and not blindsiding the reader by lobbing it in from left field. This story is highly engaging and kept my attention from beginning to end. Therefore I highly recommend it.

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