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Monday, August 15, 2011

Review – Coyote Night By Danielle D. Smith

coyote night

Title: Coyote Night: A Black Dog and Rebel Rose Tale

Author: Danielle D. Smith

Publisher: Solstice Publishing

Buy Link: Buy Coyote Night Here!

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewer: Wendy Mitchell


Skriker, half-demon bad boy, and his Nephil love, Rose, are inseperable. They've been through thick and thin, thin and thinner...and the hunt is calling them once again.
Rumor of a skinwalker draws the notorious pair to Shiprock, New Mexico, a place sacred to the Navajo and a site of enormous supernatural power.

The classic Route 66 awaits them and their Harleys, as do open stretches of desert where they can camp under the stars and rut like horny teenagers…the chance of slaying the skinwalker is simply the icing on Skriker’s gore-soaked cake.

But when they finally cross paths with the enemy, the ancient desert monster develops an insatiable desire to capture Rose and posess her...leaving Skriker fighting with all he's got to keep the love of his life from being snatched from his arms forever.


Rose and her lover Skriker are just like her eyes, mismatched. She is a Nephil, the offspring of an angel/human mating. Skriker is half hell demon, the unholy get from a demon and human streetwalker. They shouldn’t even inhabit the same realm, yet together they hunt the evil that walks the Earth and preys upon the innocent.

This book, nay this entire concept, was a fabulous stroke of luck for me. Not only do I have a wonderful new bad boy hero to lust after, but I get to read Ms. Smith’s previous book and the beginning of Rose and Skriker’s tale, Black Dog and Rebel Rose. Skriker won my heart with his bad boy personna, tattoos, piercings, smokes Camels, drinks, and rides a sweeeet Harley , but he captured my soul when he cried at losing a hell hound. Awwww. That killed me. Rose is a perfect match, physically. One celestial blue eye and one earthly brown, her beautiful but scarred face is a testament to her warrior’s spirit. She matches Skriker vice for vice. Together they are searching the vast, arid New Mexico desert for a Skinwalker stealing the children from the Navajo reservation. Steeped in Native American mysticism, this story is gritty, graphic and very emotional, as well as unforgettable. This story is not for the faint of heart, but I guarantee that once you meet these characters, you will be as addicted as myself. Truly an excellent job, Ms. Smith. Job well done.

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