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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Review - Dark Taste of Rapture By Gena Showalter

Dark Taste of Rapture

Title: Dark Taste of Rapture: Alien Huntress series, book 6

Author: Gena Showalter

Publisher: Pocket Star Books

Buy Link: Buy Dark Taste of Rapture Here!

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Wendy Mitchell


With one caress, he can give unforgettable pleasure…or unending pain...

Hector Dean is shaved, tattooed, and totally ripped -- and he has a deadly secret.  He is a walking weapon, capable of killing with a single brush of his fingertips.  Little wonder he’s determined to remain on his own.  But Noelle Tremain is a temptation like no other.  She is beautiful and rich, with a party girl smile that hides a shocking vulnerability, and from the beginning his sizzling attraction to her is undeniable.  For the first time, his stone-cold resistance is tested.  But to be with her, he risks destroying her.   

When a wealthy businessman is murdered in New Chicago’s seediest district, the two are partnered, and there’s no escaping what they both want: each other.  Yet neither Hector nor Noelle knows what to fear more—the killer case, or their own lethal desires. . . .


When Hector Dean saw Noelle Tremaine step off the bus as an AIR trainee, he took one glance at her polished looks and prissy demeanor and figured she’d be gone before the day was out. When Noelle saw the sneer on Hector’s face, she saw one more person who was thinking “Just not good enough”. She loved taking guys like Hector and feeding them their teeth, which she did before graduating. Even though they are now working the same case, Noelle believes Hector doesn’t see her as more than pretty fluff. Hector would love to give Noelle what she’s asking for, but Hector has been keeping a BIG secret, and if he slips up, people die.

I love this series. I would marry and have children with this book. It is just that good. From her initial appearance in the series, Noelle has been on my radar as awesome heroine material. Jehosophat, did she live up to her potential! She was so full of bitchiness and snark it just oozed off the page. Spoiled, classy, smart, loyal and mean as a rattler, they just don’t make like that any more. Well, Gena Showalter does, and she’s in this book. Noelle and Ava, her BFF and fellow AIR agent, have been the cause of more groin injuries than the Pittsburgh Steelers. As with all good heroines, Noelle hides her vulnerabilities. Hector, smart guy that he is, has her all figured out. He knows how great she is. He knows she’s way too good for him. Horsefeathers!

As I said earlier, Hector has a big secret. Only his co-worker and friend Dallas know about his deadly and unique condition. If you’ve been a fan of the series, you might have a clue, but I’m not telling. Let’s just say that Hector isn’t dissing Noelle from lack of desire on his part. As hard as Hector tries to warn off Noelle, the case keeps pushing them together. They are hot on the trail of a human trafficking ring, and girls are disappearing right and left. There are some great plot developments in the story and all our old friends from AIR are involved. We even get to attend Ava and McKell’s wedding. McKell gave Ava a necklace made of human finger bones, I loved it. This series just gets better with each new book. By the time it draws to a close, Ms. Showalter will be up for a Pulitzer. Do not miss this book for any reason. If you do I promise you will regret it.

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