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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Review – The Fallen: Demon By Kristina Douglas

The Fallen Demon

Title: The Fallen: Demon

Author: Kristina Douglas

Publisher: Pocket Books

Buy Link: Buy The Fallen: Demon Here!

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewer: Wendy Mitchell


Once the Fallen’s fearless ruler, a grieving Azazel must find the legendary siren meant to take his lost lover’s place . . . and kill her.

He’s a devil of an angel.

Azazel should have extinguished the deadly Lilith when he had the chance. Now, faced with a prophecy that will force him to betray the memory of his one true love and wed the Demon Queen, he cannot end her life until she leads him to Lucifer. Finding the First is the Fallen’s only hope for protecting mankind from Uriel’s destruction, but Azazel knows that ignoring his simmering desire for the Lilith will be almost as impossible.

She’s an angel of a demon.

Rachel Fitzpatrick wonders how Azazel could confuse her with an evil seductress. She’s never even been interested in sex! At least not before she set eyes on her breathtaking captor. And now she can’t think about anything else—besides escape.

Angels and demons don’t mix.

Rachel stirs a carnal need in Azazel that he never thought he’d feel again. Falling for a demon—even if she has no idea she’s the Lilith—means surrendering his very soul. But if he lets her go, he risks abandoning his heart, his dangerous lover, and possibly all of humanity, to Uriel’s deadly wrath.


Before the murder of his beloved wife Sarah, Azazel was the leader of the Fallen, angels cast out of Heaven for having the audacity to love human women. As part of their punishment, they were cursed to be blood drinkers, and to help ferry the dead to their afterlife. Azazel was never what you would call a fun guy, in fact the words rigid, stoic, and stick up the butt, come to mind. After Sarah’s death, he stepped down as leader and became even more morose. He went on a focused hunt for the she demon Lilth. Rachel Fitzpatrick had no long term memory. She just knew she had been on the run from something as long as she could remember. When Azazel captures her and tells her who he knows for a fact she is, well she thinks he’s a nut cake who’s going to kill her. She’s partially right, but then again so is he.

I loved this book and this series, but it made me so mad at times, that I threw it across the room. It posed quite a quandary for me because usually I am all about the hero, but Azazel was a straight up butt munch. I will let the hero get away with a lot of things, absolutely horrendous things (not cheating though, that is never acceptable) as long as there is balance. If he hurts the heroine, he has to be hurt in return. There was no balance in this book. Rachel/Lilith was cursed because she didn’t want to lay under Adam, well excuse the hell out of me! Her curse was A LOT worse than the Fallen’s, and does she get a sincere apology or even a little groveling?? Um, no. She is tortured, threatened, and used throughout most of the book. The fact that she didn’t rain down death on everyone was a testament to what a good soul she truly was. So, how can I say I loved this book? Well, maybe it’s Stockholm syndrome, because this series absolutely has me captive, no matter how mad it makes me at times, and I still love it to death. Great job, Ms. Douglas.

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