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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Review – Field Combat Manual For Zombie Slayers By Marc Sherman

Zombie Field Manual

Title: Field Combat Manual For Zombie Slayers

Author: Marc Sherman

Publisher: Rebecca J. Vickery

Buy Link: Buy Field Combat Manual For Zombie Slayers Here!

Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed By: Janelle


We are at war with our fellow Man. These creatures called Zombies are no longer to be thought of in the Human classification, they are merely a shell of what was once a human. Those not infected with this madness shall take arms against those who seek to harm us. Common sense techniques are necessary to prevent the further spreading of what many refer to as a Zombie Apocalypse. First aid, tips on warning devices, trapping strategies, tactical concealment, and firearm maintenance, as well as planning for future Zombie encounters and attacks are included. Do not take the contents of this Field Combat Manual lightly; it very well may help save your life. Within these pages you will find many valuable and useful resources put together to help you make it through these bad times.


This book’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness.

On one hand, it is a straight laced survival manual about the Zombie apocalypse. It comes across as very tongue in cheek, talking about such an absurd subject in such a serious tone.

On the other, it still reads like a manual. Parts of it, like gun care and first-aid, have nothing to do with zombies or fighting them. There is nothing overly insightful in these parts, merely glossing over the very basics.

Overall, this book is an odd mix of amusing and boring. If preparing for the zombie apocalypse, this book is probably for you.


  1. I have a friend for whom this book would be perfect.

  2. Thanks for the review (I guess). This was my first published work. I wrote it in 4 days, and just for fun to get into writing. I don't agree that zombies are an 'absurd' topic, considering practically the whole world is talking about zombies. Even Brad Pitt is onboard, wrapping up a zombie flick in Scotland. Of course my book reads like a manual, because that's what it is. This book is designed for the collector of all things zombie. To say gun care and first aid in a post-apocalyptic world has nothing to do with zombies is an ignorant statement. That's the great thing about fiction writing, it can take you anywhere you want to go. I know the reviewer probably prefers traditional novels and is bored by 'self-help manuals', so not to worry, I have one of those on the way I think you will truly enjoy. Thanks again for the review, I will use your constructive criticism as educative. :)
    Marc T. Sherman


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