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Friday, August 19, 2011

Review – Provoked Lover By Zenobia Renquist

Caveat Emptor 3 Provoked Lover

Title : Caveat Emptor 3: Provoked Lover

Author: Zenobia Renquist

Publisher: Changeling Press LLC

Buy Link: Buy Provoked Lover Here!

Rating : You Want To Read

Reviewed By : Jodie Pierce

Blurb :

After an attack leaves Theron's allies scattered, Sicily finds herself in the care of Lamon, a vampire who looks like he would rather kill her than protect her. The unlikely pair must become very close – sexual energy is necessary to disrupt the spell the mages are using to track Sicily. Emotions become confused as their bodies entwine. Sicily finds herself falling for a man she can't have... or can she?

Review :

Sicily is against others owning vampires but when her best friend Ryver needs help in taking the docility charm off her Theron, five mages approach Sicily and convince her they are helping. They give her a stone to give to Ryver to get rid of the docility charm. She gives the charm to Ryver and it works she then returns it immediately to Sicily. It starts to glow and burn in her hand. Lamon, Theron’s second in command throws the stone out the window and it explodes letting a wall full of angry vampires through the castle. Lamon is instructed to take Sicily to a safe house until he is otherwise notified. The two despise each other at first however he convinces her he has to give her an orgasm a day to lessen the charm from the mages. Also, he needs to feed from her as he cannot leave the cabin. Lamon has been trained to protect and desire Ryver but he finds himself falling for Sicily. She wonders if she is having real feelings or just feelings because they are having sex. Once they are released from the safe house and taken back to Therons’ house their feelings are called into question. What will their answers be? Will they have the same feelings or will they shock each other?

The author was very good at character development. It had you rooting for the characters in the end. She also created a great background that it made you feel as if you were there in the story. My only complaint is that the story ended rather abruptly. It built and built to the end point and then just dropped off. The rest of the story was fabulous though. I would recommend it for readers who like vampires, erotica and action.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the review!

    Catch the continuation of Sicily and Lamon's story in CE4: Anguished Lover coming in September.

    ~ Zenobia


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